Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh the IRONy

I played with the "instagram" app on Michael's phone is some of my playing:

Michael had to iron all of his dress shirts, I had refused because he had let them accumulate to a ridiculous amount, he ironed a total of 14 dress shirts!

A picture Michael took of Carson a few weekends ago...

This was from our scavenger hunt at Meijer... "something that used to swim" ... otherwise, shrimp boobs!

Another scavenger hunt pic, everyone in the group wearing the same shirt. These were from the little boys section, Jonathan was HILARIOUS putting his shirt on... (kinda blurry, we were rushed and had to fit all 4 of us in)

Not something you wanna see... (scavenger hunt - "gloves")

In a garbage can being Oscar the Grouch!

I want to ride my tricycle ... I want to ride my trike ... I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it where I'd like...

And the best for last, we had to find our "team mascot"....we luckily found this on the clearance table, the "hernia guard"! hahaha! (Turn your head and cough- Michael)

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  1. I just downloaded instagram the yesterday! I'm super excited to use it! I love your pictures :)