Monday, December 19, 2011

Seattle Part 2!

Part 2 of my Seattle trip continues in ...3...2...1:

Saturday morning came quickly, after a rather fast Friday and when we woke up we tried to figure out our plans for the day. We thought about driving out to Mt. Rainier but realized they had just gotten about 3-4 feet of snow and that probably wouldn’t be the best for preggo Jennifer to be huffing and puffing around in. So we decided to go to this Bavarian city that Jennifer mentioned to us called Leavenworth. It was this random little town nestled in the Cascade mountains. It was kind of reminiscent of Gatlinburg, but less tacky and red neck!

 We were on our way, and I was pretty excited!

The drive out to Leavenworth was gorgeous, and through the snowy mountains! It was very festive!

Isn't it gorgeous?! And the weather was PERFECT TOO!

When we arrived the town was hustling and bustling, full to the brim with visitors, because of course, Christmas season is their busiest time!  (I felt like I was in Harry Potter world again, the freezing temps and cute little village!)

We walked around and checked out the shops. Michael and I bought a gift for his dad and took some pictures. And found some tacky/creepy dog clothes!

It was fun but we didn’t want to try to stay and find a place to eat dinner because it was SO crowded and some of the places were serving food outside. It was like 32 degrees, um I’d rather not eat outside!! So back to Seattle/Bellevue we went! (about a 2 hour drive).

The dinner for Saturday night was at a restaurant called Cactus, which was a tex-mex restaurant. We all ordered margaritas, which were made fresh, while Jennifer enjoyed a mocktail (fake cocktail, no alcohol) and munched on chips on salsa. Everyone enjoyed their food except me sadly. Michael said if he had to choose a last meal it would be his, it was a chicken dish of some sort:

I had ordered the butternut squash enchiladas which were apparently the most popular item on the menu.

However, to me, and only me it tasted super weird/gross and I couldn’t even make myself eat more than 2 bites of my meal. BOO :(. Luckily I’m pretty good at filling myself up on chips and salsa, and the rice that came with the plate. However, I was still sad I wasn’t a fan. Luckily the waitress took care of my meal for me!

Sunday morning I woke up craving cinnamon rolls and guess what Jennifer had waiting for me in the fridge?! Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. NOM NOM NOM!

And now I’m sitting on a flight back to Cincy. Stuck in another middle seat. Luckily I’m not too exhausted so sleeping isn’t really an issue, however, I can’t wait to get home to see my puppies. 5 days of work and then it’s a 10 day break from work for me! Yippee!!

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