Thursday, December 1, 2011

A UK kind of evening

Happy Thursday all!! Isn't this day wonderful? A nice lead into the weekend! Today at work i allowed myself to continue my recent addiction with Mike and Ikes...soooo good!

Then I made this facebook post complaining about Michael getting free tickets to the game.
Michael Kasten has gotten 1 free ticket to the UK vs TN Football game last weekend, and 1 free ticket to 2 different UK basketball games, one of them being tonight's. I have had zero offers. Why is this fair?! Come on friends, i like sports!

On my drive home from work I get a call from Michael informing me someone else couldn't go and I would be allowed to join him and his 2 med school friends for the game tonight!!! OH how fun!

I first had to go to zumba class and then I was off to the game!

UK vs. St. Johns
Pretty satisfied with our free lower level seats! Thank you Austin!

And since I worked out I knew I had to totally ruin my eating at the game, I mean, there was no time for dinner. I had a hot dog, split some weird tasting nachos and cheese with Michael and then hit up the long ice cream line for this beauty:
You like my after workout look!? You should have seen the outfit Michael grabbed for me to wear to the game, unfortunately I don't have the full head to toe look, but it was slightly awkward. Although I am grateful he brought me non-sweaty workout clothes or dressy work clothes and heels (my only other options)
- I had super baggy sweatshirt with no shirt for under
- skinny jeans

OH WELL! Anyway back to the ice cream. I was so excited and then Michael and I were eating it and were very disappointed. Normally the cones are so good but ours barely had any flavor what-so-ever and the cones tasted a little funky. I saw the workers messing with the machine so I'm wondering if they were trying to figure out how to get the flavor back in their soft serve!!

Besides that not awesome food, the game was SPECTACULAR! Since I'm not a student anymore the likelihood of me getting tickets to a game is slim-to-none because they are EXPENSIVE at full price! I loved getting to see our new team up close (in the #1 position currently) and in action. And there was definitely some action, flagrant fouls, and amazing dunks! And I even saw my friends Kellie and Ian on the big screen!! What fun!

Now it's time to head to bed. One more day of work for me and a day full of driving to Hershey, PA for the hubs. Prayers that he has safe travels on his long drive there and back and a great interview!

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