Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Rainy/Snowy Tuesday

Greetings! I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas list post. It's beginning to look like Christmas here, apparently people in Lexington saw snowflakes during the day today and we are supposed to get some snow tonight! brrrrr! Today was a lazy day in Kasten world! Michael returned from his Tampa interview with a very positive attitude about the program and the warmth of Florida of course!

Tonight we hung out with our good friends Kara and Jon. We ate the Pizza Hut big box and watched basketball, and just hung out and chatted. Michael and I even went over to their house in our comfy clothes and shoes!

On a random note, guess what I got to see today when I got home from work?!?
Our mantle!! Which I haven't seen in a few weeks!! My friend Travis bought the tv from us and was waiting on the weather to hold off for a couple hours so that he could move the thing in a truck without ruining it. Oh and check out under the tree, I have already wrapped 5 presents! I'm not normally that on top of things but since I was feeling sick it was an easy task to do sitting in front of the tv, plus it gives the tree a more Christmas-y feel. Next job, hang the stockings!

Oh and other good news. Michael and I checked our electric bill from last month and it had gone from $54 to $218 !! It's not even December or January yet and our highest bill last year was $175 with our bad air system!! I knew something had to be wrong, so we contacted the guy that installed our new unit this summer and he came and looked at it today. Apparently two wires were crossed and it was causing the A/C to run while the emergency heat was trying to heat up our house at the same time, AKA using a ton of energy. Another reason why I haven't felt like our house has been warm. Now the house feels fine and toasty at temps where I was freezing a day or 2 ago!!

Well it's a late evening for me, I'm off to bed, fingers crossed that I don't cough/wheeze the night away!

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