Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainy Sunday -- kinda Funday

Happy Sunday to all!

My Sunday started EARLY ... earlier than I would wish for my last day of Thanksgiving break, but it was for my hunny! I had to drop Michael off at the airport at 6:25 for his flight to Tampa...tear... but he'll be back tomorrow!

After dropping him off I tossed and turned in bed for a couple hours, still feeling sick, but finally got up for 10 o'clock church with Lela! It was great to have a church buddy!

After church I thought it would be a good idea to do some Turbofire Yoga since I was feeling SUPER sore from my workout yesterday. That workout wouldn't normally make me that sore, but I think my sickness didn't help. After the yoga I began to feel even worse all over. I guess the yoga didn't have the effect that I was hoping. OH wellll.

After some around the house stuff it was time to hang out with Adrielle. Despite feeling terrible I knew I really should see this girl or another week would pass by. So we did some painting of a picture frame, ok, well, Adrielle did the painting. I was the lookout for the table, protecting it from sprays and drips of paint...
Adrielle created a masterpiece. She wrote her name in tiny letters down the side and then my name HUGE, which I wasn't expecting. Then once I had ordered the picure to put inside it she told me she wanted me to keep it. Now I have the pleasure of displaying her art in our house! I'm a proud mentor!
After dropping my friend off at her house I walked into the house to see this. 
Then came the tears, I felt so sick already and then Carson decides to tear up the bed and I am home alone. Boo. Girl moment? Maybe, but uhhhhh whatever. Then my tears and anger caused Carson to have his scared pee dribble reaction on the carpet. Whatevs, I'm over it now :)

Well luckily I had this HUGE pile of laundry to cheer me up. This is 3 loads. There was still one load in the dryer. How do 2 relatively small people create such massive amounts of laundry. And how does my husband always have the ability to sneak away when it's time to do it?!

 The husband did feel that the pictures of where he was interviewing would cheer me up. RIGHT...rain here... beautiful sunset with orange rays coming off of the hospital in the distance.

I must say though that this is pretty gorgeous, especially for a hospital ! :) (from the back)
 the front of the hospital
Suck in that Vitamin D from that photo, cause we didn't get any sunshine today!

Tomorrow starts back the work week. whoop-dee-dooooo!

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