Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Recap

So this evening I think I finally awakened from my holiday slumber/laziness and now I am ready to tell you about the past few days! :)

For the first time ever I started my Thanksgiving day off with a Thanksgiving day 5k! You think being the runnre that I am that I would have done some kind of race before. But nope. It was a lot of fun, however, time was not of issue because we started in the very back of the race and I spent the whole entire race trying to get passed the walkers, small children, strollers, and dogs. It was still a lot of fun though despite running alone, I could not find Becca before the race started, but apparently we are meant to run together. Upon checking our official times we were just 1 second apart!! Hiliarious!!

Luckily though I did find my running sole mate after the race!

 And no, I just don't wear flourescent hunting orange colored hats! Andrea made the 4 of us Thanksgiving themed running hats, isn't that fun?!
Sadly I didn't get a picture of my dad, but he ran the race toO!! I loved having him there, it was a lot of fun, did I say that already? Definitely going to do a race like this again next year! A great way to start Thanksgiving!

After the race Michael and I showered up and headed over to Lisa's parents house in Lexington. Where we chilled, watched football, and paced waiting for the delicious food to be ready. No, I'm not rude for pacing, Michael and I were on a tight schedule and had to leave by a certain time to eat at his parents house. We luckily had about 10 minutes to scarf down this lovely spread, say  our goodbyes, and rush out the door!
 Then we grabbed the dogs and headed over to the Kasten's where I still tried to keep my portion sizes down but felt like I was about to explode when the whole eating thing was over. That meant nap time!!

At 7 that night Michael's family and my family met up at the movie theater to see the most family friendly, hilarious, loveable movie... THE MUPPETS!

Jason Segel and Amy Adams were perfect for this movie. And I loved all the cameos!

This brings us to Friday! Which is my day of laziness However, we did escape the house for a few hours to see the opening of the Unified Trust Ice Rink in downtown Lexington, which was sponsored by Michael's Dad's company. Because of this he got to give a speech with the mayor to open up the whole thing! Luckily it was a balmy sunny 60-ish degrees, so being outside was GREAT!

 It was hard to see the little skate routines on the rink so Michael lifted me up on his shoulders to get a better view, i love him! oh and yes we both wanted to wear our race shirts from the day before so we were twins.
 After the ice rink the Kasten family headed over to Sawyers, a restaurant across the street to enjoy one of their famous burgers. Then it was time to head home to return to my spot on the couch. Hey, I was taking FULL advantage of my time off from work. Also, I am suffering from some sort of throat death, AKA a sore throat.

Oh but wait! I also decorated the house for Christmas!! Ok, so not exactly gorgeous, we have this monster tv facing the fireplace like it's in time out because it is in the process of being sold, so I have to wait to hang the stockings until this giant is out of our living room!

Saturday: Is that the right day of the week?! I am super thrown off by everything now due to this holiday, but hey I'm not complaining!! I woke up groggy and still sore throated but I NEEDED to get a workout in so I headed to KY Fit club, glad I went.

However, it was right back to the couch for me after, still wasn't feelin' too hot!

Michael on the other hand headed up to the big UK vs Tennessee game. I sadly couldn't go cause I had an eye doctor appointment that I had to schedule 2 months ago because they are so hard to get into. Apparently this place likes to dilate your eyes as well. And Micheal stole my sunglasses for the game. Driving home was eye death. OUCH!

Back to couch after the eye doc I devised a dinner scheme...Indian Food for me and Michael!!

Masala was the place and Chicken Tikka Masala for me! I was definitley craving it and it totally hit the spot!
 This is what happens when you try to take a pic of your cute husband but you are laughing. And you are too enthralled with your delish food to try to retake the pic!
And now my hubby and I are snuggled on the couch. UK basketball. Happiness. Goodnight!

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