Monday, November 28, 2011

A Silly Girl's Wish List

Although a girl could wish for things like world peace and no hunger. I always wish for these things year round. This wish list will be composed of some of the things I'd LOVE to have for Christmas. I've seen a couple of girls on different blogs do this and I thought it'd be fun and a change up from my boring every day life!! Enjoy!

1. Garmin Forerunner - GPS running watch

These things can get pretty pricey, but they have older models as well. They have the ability to time, track the distance you've gone, and the pace and I'm sure other things that I'm not aware of! It would make my runners a lot easier knowing how far I've gone and if I'm moving like a slug!

2. Cold weather running tights/pants

I own one pair of spandex, but honestly they don't give much warmth. After a tiny bit of research I've discovered they make fleece lined tights, or even thicker spandex-like tights. These would be nice to help convince me to go out in run in the cold with the promise of keeping my legs nice and toasty!

3. Runner's World Subscription

Michael has his car magazines. Ashley should get some running magazines! I don't think I've had a magazine subscription since we got Highlights (the kids magazine!) And maybe if I just READ the magazine's I'll look like this girl above (tee hee, yeah right like I could 5 inches too)

4. Compression Socks

Dorky? Perhaps. But I've heard great things about compression socks and sleeves and I think it'd be nice to try them out for running. Maybe?! Would you still be my friend?

5. More boots!

I love the boots I got for Christmas (I believe it was christmas) last year but I want mooorree!! Long boots in different browns and blacks! Definitely keep this chilly girl warm in the winter.

6. Dog Car Hammock/blanket

Unnecessary? Well. If you have 2 dogs, both a different color and plush seats, a simple short car ride brings a blast of fur to my car. This thing looks like it protects the car from the fur and the dogs from flying off the seat!

7. Coffee Table - No picture because I haven't found this non-existent, cheap, dark cherry coffee table or TV stand that I've been searching for!

8. Running Medal Rack/Bib Rack

I have all these medals and bibs from races just sitting around. Wouldn't it be nice to display for all to see?!

9. Bike Shorts

To make those long rides much more comfortable and much more cushion for the tush!

10. A cute little wristlet
I like my little wallet, but it doesn't fit my phone in it. I'd love to have some type of wristlet that held my monster phone!

So there are a few things that are on my Christmas list. Obviously I won't get them, they are expensive (most of them), but a girl can dream! :)

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  1. I would like the whole outfit in #5 and the waistline of #2. Please and thank you.