Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ashley meets yummy Indian Food

Tonight at dinner I experienced some yummy Indian food. Yes, I have had a couple of times before but I had no idea what I was ordering or what was good.

But you know the good thing about having an Indian coworker who is super excited about taking us to get Indian is? You get to eat super yummy Indian food! We ate at a little Indian restaurant in downtown called Little India.

My coworker helped us order some appetizers and entrees. And he ordered everything medium (the other 2 coworkers prefer HOT, but I can barely eat mild things) which made me very nervous, but you know what? It was actually perfect!

The appetizers were yummy Chicken kabobs and these fried vegetable balls (which I can't remember their names):
 they were very yummy! I learned that the red colored chicken turns this color because it is cooked in clay pots!

Then out came the food and the naan (delish, I could eat that alone and be good to go). We did it family style so we could all try everything. It was wonderful. I was even convinced to try the lamb vindaloo, which was good, but hard for me to eat because I kept picturing a sweet little lamb in my head, so I mainly stuck to the Chicken tikka masala which tasted epic with the naan. I was also convinced to try the yogurt in the back (white). I mixed it in with some spicy rice we had, and it was nice, and cucumbery...surprisingly good!
 All in all a wonderful meal. We were all very very very full. (hint hint, the reason why I wasn't able to workout tonight, too full of a stomach) but we pretty much killed everything....
I definitely will be hitting up more Indian food when I get back to Lexington, I feel a lot more comfortable with it now!!

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