Thursday, November 17, 2011


After waking up to a house that was 60 degrees and no warm body next to me in bed I knew that winter had struck. And it made me sad. Not only was I cold, I could tell I was cold? How? I had hand marks wrapping around me because I was trying to hug myself warm apparently while I was sleeping. I feared these, must be warm lines, some making there way to my face, would not leave before work, luckily my shower helped. During this season I am perpetually cold, or I'm standing in the shower in blazing heat watching as my skin drys out and my hair frizzes. Boo winter.

Also. I receive a text from Michael today when he gets home.

"Where did our freakin' tree go?!"

Where our tree once stood. You can see where the other one was removed a few months ago in the back and the one tree remaining on our property in the very back.

I had left this morning and it was still there, I am sure. But for some reason the people that maintain our townhouse property (we own the house) decided they should take down our 3rd tree this year. I think we only have one tree remaining anywhere near our house. Lame. I like trees. It made me feel like we weren't necessarily living on top of our neighbors. My dad said I should call and tell them to plant new trees. I might have to do that!

Positives about today:
I tried my first veggie burger ever. It was at a restaurant in Paris, KY (I was very surprised that they had one on the menu, but apparently the chef is a vegetarian and makes them herself). I have no idea what was in them except onions and some kind of nutty seed thing. But man was it good. I also had crinkle cut sweet potato fries. Exceptional. Made for a warm for a bit Ashley and very full!

Husband came home! After interviewing in Cincy and Dayton the hubs is home for a bit. Tomorrow's his last day in his surgery rotation and then he basically has the next month to interview and of course hang out with me.

I made chili. White bean Chicken Chili. Although I was missing a few ingredients (or lacking in the proper amount) the hubs told me that it was "the best chili he has ever eaten". And although he has eaten this recipe before I am happy he enjoyed it!

The hubs stopped by my parents ice cream store and brought me home a quart of Birthday Cake ice cream. That thing will be gone in only a matter of time!

I finally did the Turbofire 55 all the way through (when in beginner mode this video takes a lloooonnggg time to break all the moves down)

Tomorrow is Friday and after work it will be the start of my 9 days off of work! YIPPEE!!

Goodnight friends!

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