Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Glorious Day

Yay Saturday! Double Yay, Thanksgiving vaca!!

Today was a pretty great day overall, except for one item, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Michael and I started off the day slowly and lazily. At around 11 we met Michael's sister at Waveland to take a Christmas photo of us. It was definitely a success and we had plenty of glorious pictures to choose from. This was Andrea's first time doing something like this, but you couldn't tell, the pictures turned out great! And at a great price too! ;)

After the pictures (which I will post at a later date) we headed to meet some of my coworkers at Two Keys to watch the TWO UK games today. UK had a basketball game against Penn State at 12 and a football game against Georgia at 12:30. So we definitely got our fill of ADD sports watching. Our basketball team was definitely a million times more successful than our always disappointing football team but a good time was still had. The basketball team won by 40 points! Our football team last by 9, but we were expected to lose but much more, so I suppose that's ok!

After the game Michael and I crashed for a little over an hour and then met his parents at a little restaurant called 3 Suns Bistro. Michael took me here on our second date (which happened to be Valentines day!). We enjoyed a great dinner together as usual!

Then we headed over to Michael's sister's house to pick up our pictures and ended up staying to watch a Discovery Channel show about a guy that walked the length of the Amazon River, it was pretty impressive and totally disgusting at the same time. There were times when Andrea and I would shriek because it was sooooo gross, bloody, pussy, nasty, buggy, icky. But definitely interesting.

When we were driving home Michael came to the realization that we might have a little problem with our Atlanta trip. You see, Michael starts a class monday and is required to go to the orientation. Well that really through a wrench in our plans. I was a little upset. I am now making the journey to Atlanta on my own, but with dogs in tow, tomorrow morning. Maybe and hopefully my husband will be able to join me Monday afternoon. Prayers would be great, because I know my grandparents would love to see us both.

With that sad news, I am off to bed. Things could be much worse I suppose, I will stay positive! Goodnight!

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