Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Drama Filled Thanksgiving Eve

As Michael and I made our way back from Georgia this afternoon we encountered the typical pre Thanksgiving traffic and the beautiful mountains in Tennessee...
What we did not expect to encounter was some good old Tennessee mountain gas station drama.
Yes gas station drama. We stopped at the gas station immediately to relieve ourselves, the dogs, and fill up the car. Michael took doggy duty while I rushed inside to use the facilities.

Upon entering the women's restroom I am greeted by a line. Typical business for a womens restroom, nothing out of the ordinary. A woman in her 50's, nicely dressed, is in line in front of me. However, in 1 of the 2 occupied stalls I hear a foul mouthed woman yelling at this woman in line. Telling her to shut her mouth, she can use the restroom as long as she'd like. There's no law against that. She is yelling at this nice woman who just needs to use the bathroom. The lady in the stall is also talking on the phone at the same time about her "bowel issues".

Good grief. 

Well I thought that was it. Heck no.

Moments pass, one of the stalls frees up, but the woman in the other stall continues to have a potty mouth. 2 girls a little younger than me come in and ask if this is a line. I said yes. The woman in the stall screams, if you are going to talk about me then at least do it loud enough so I can hear you. 

Of course I wasn't talking to this woman, I think she thought I was the older woman waiting in line. The 2 younger girls think this is hilarious and giggle. 

Then, next thing we know, the 2 women working at the Shell gas station barge into the bathroom screaming at this woman.

"you've been in here for an hour, you can do your drugs somewhere else!!"

More screaming fires back from the woman in the stall. "You can't make me come out, I have bowel issues, I can stay as long as I'd like"

The gas station woman inform us she has been in here for a long time and that she walked into the gas station with "open mouth sores". Um..ew.

Michael is now in the gas station, asking me what's going on and the 2 younger girls and I determine we will try to use the men's restroom since the gas station women believe this woman is a little cray cray. Ew another problem. Apparently men can't flush a toilet. Mens bathroom was a no-go.

So we return to the drama outside. The gas station attendant is now trying to kick down the stall door in the restroom because "druggy woman" is refusing to open the door still even after threats that the cops were on their way.

"druggy lady"'s friend comes into the bathroom now telling off the gas station women. 

After a minute of screaming "druggy lady" finally opens the stall with a fit of rage tearing out of the bathroom and attacking the younger gas station attendant. Hair ripping, punching, and kicking occurs right in the middle of the gas station.  Then druggy lady's friend attacks as well. Michael and I stand back in shock, not knowing what to do. An older man is sitting inches away from the fight and just continues to eat slowly, not even turning around at the nasty trash fighting going on behind him.

Getting a first glimpse of the druggy for the first time, she is tiny, probably under 5 feet tall, SO skinny, sunken in face, and yes those sores were there.

This is when the cops rush in. They handcuff the druggy girl who is screaming and very angry. And her friend is huffing and puffing. 

And then I finally remember to breathe. Whew...who knew that a potty break would be so dramatic?

Michael told me to catch a quick shot of the scene from the car..great quality right? But we were pumping with adrenaline so we thought it'd be a good idea..

You can see druggy lady cuffed in the pink slouched over talking to the cop. The 2 girls behind them are the girls that were with me in the bathroom. And the lady in the blue by the minivan is the druggy friend.
Michael and I didn't stay to see what happened, we thought it'd be best to get back on the road and away from the craziness.

With all that being said on this Thanksgivings eve I am very thankful for the following:

-being safe throughout that whole episode
-not being involved with drugs
-for a safe ride home (after this incident we saw 3 major accidents on the highway headed south)
-for a loving supportive family that I can visit on the fly
-and sooooo many other things

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving eve, relax, be thankful and get your stomach ready for the eating extravaganza tomorrow!

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