Friday, November 11, 2011

so many elevens!

Happy 11/11/11 to everyone! I hope all your wishes came true!

Also, thank you to all of the men and women who have worked in the armed forces to keep our country free. I appreciate what you have and will do for us!

Today was another busy day but I am so glad to finally be home in my house with my pups and my hubs. It feels right.

Today I spent the day in Louisville for a work meeting. Meetings can be long, but they made it a little better when our in-charges got to go around the room and talk about a staff who has helped them a lot in the past. It definitely made me feel good, so I bet everyone else feels the same. MORALE BOOST! YAY!

Out of super random luck Michael and I happened to be in Louisville at the same time today. So I rode with a coworker to Louisville and had Michael pick me up after his U of L interview and my meeting had ended.

After we stopped by Old Navy to waste some time and then headed out to dinner with 2 of our wonderful friends Adam and MaryLauren  (no relation to Ralph, ba ha ha ) who live in Louisville. We went to a restaurant called Dittos, on Bardstown road. The food was good, but the service was terrible!! But hey, it was great getting to catch with this lovely couple!

After dinner Michael and I scooted on back to Lexington. With a pit stop at McDonalds to fix my hot fudge sundae craving. Goodness, I don't even know what I will be like when I'm pregnant someday. I can barely control my cravings now... I. will. be. insane. The. End.

Great day. Tired. In bed. Goodnight. OH YEAH and GO CATS!! First win of the first official game of the season, we have an exciting season in basketball coming up!

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