Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another workout Wednesday! I am relatively satisfied with my workouts this week, although I wish I had more than 1 day of running for the entire week, but with colder, icky weather plus a busy job equals less opportunities to run...booo...

Here are my workouts for the past week!:

Thursday: No workout, this was when I was in a tiny workout slump and missed working out for 3 days.

Friday: Since I had to be in Louisville for a meeting at 11 I had a little bit of time in the morning to get a workout in. I did turbofire's 30 minute class. I'm still in the learning mode so the videos actually take longer because they do a break down for beginners if you need it, and let me tell you I need it. One of these days I will get through everything and have the whole routine down!

Saturday: Another Saturday with KY Fit Club! And we did another insanity video which I am enjoying, although it does kick my behind. We did the cardio intervals, they kick your butt and near the end I could barely do anything cause my whole body was quivering from exhaustion. Lets just say that this workout works!

Sunday: 20 minutes of turbofire core and 40 minutes of turbofire stretch which is basically yoga. Yoga is hard for me. I think it may be due to the fact that I'm a runner and runners aren't typically super flexible because we get tight IT bands and quads so the yoga was definitely a workout PLUS I was super sore from KY fit club the day before!

Monday: 6.35 mile run with my girl Becca. Perfect. Loved it. I wish the warm weather would stay forever!

Tuesday: Rest day... plus no time to workout, too busy hanging with my girls!

Wednesday: Turbofire HIIT 15(High intensity interval training) and 10 minute stretch. The HIIT workout gets you pretty sweaty and tired after only about 15 minutes, impressive!

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