Monday, November 14, 2011

it's all greek to me!

Do you all remember me posting about trying greek yogurt and not liking it? Not sure if I did, but I feel like I did.

Well, at the grocery yesterday I decided to pick up 2 different real name brands of greek yogurt, to give it a second go. I got a Chobani raspberry and Oikos strawberry. Well last night I tried the Chobani and I actually kinda liked it.

 It takes some getting used to, and yes its a bit thick for me, but I think I can begin to like it. I mean, it has a ton of protein in it and is probably a better snack choice. So maybe I will continue liking the greek yogurt?!

Was anyone else's Monday the Looooonnnggggest Monday ever?! Mine dragged AND I didn't have internet access at work either. BOO. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better. At least I had a GORGEOUS drive out to the client. UM, why have I never driven down Paris Pike to Paris, KY?! Let me tell you, so pretty, especially in the morning. TONS of horse farms, pretty fences (wooden and stone). I am looking forward to the drive tomorrow!

The best decision of my day today though?! I was getting ready to leave work. Contemplated running outside cause it is freakishly warm for mid November, and then started to decide against it cause it was dark already and I didn't want to trip and die. Well just then I receive a text from Becca asking if I wanted to run. It was meant to be. She met me at my house and we hit the road. 6.35 unplanned miles later we returned home feeling very creaky, tired, tight, but satisfied (I have been sore from insanity + yoga combo, Becca sore from ultimate frisbee tournament Saturday). The weather was A-mazing, so glad my girl texted me.

And now I'm off to get my tired behind to bed. 6.35 miles, when not running but maybe once a week is tiring on the body! Goodnight!

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