Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joyful day in the Bluegrass!

Today was an extremely joy-filled day in the state of Kentucky!!

Why you ask?

Well, obviously you aren't really into sports (c'mon guys!)

But my Kentucky Wildcats (ranked #1) beat one of our greatest rivals UNC (ranked #5) today at Rupp Arena!! The game was a definite nail biter for sure!

I met up with 4 of my coworkers to watch the game since Michael was interviewing in Hershey PA still (chocolate heaven, or Willy Wonka world, Michael said the street lights up there are shaped like hershey kisses, mMmMm!).

We tried to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, I got there 45 minutes before the game, but to no avail. There was no where to sit. So we tried a place called "Friends and Co" which is a bar and grill. It was fine nothing special, but they did have seats!!

I spent 2 hours of my early afternoon screaming, shrieking, hiding my eyes, covering my mouth, banging my head on the table, and sneering at the 3 UNC fans at the restaurant. It came down to the very last second and I thought we were going to lose so I put my head down. Then I heard cheering, Anthony Davis (known for his unibrow -- bow to the brow!) blocked UNC's last shot for the win and it was over! And we won!
poor UNC, all sad cause they lost to UK!
 Immediately a UK fan stood up on the bar and started leading everyone in the restaurant to a Cats cheer

What a joyful day for the University of Kentucky. I enjoyed the game so much that the second I got home I passed out on the couch. The game was so intense that at points I thought my heart might beat out of my chest, so a nap was much needed!

Now I await for the hubby to return from his long drive from PA! Happy Saturday you all! I hope you have something to celebrate as well!

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