Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and Post Christmas Recap

Yesterday I kinda slacked on the blogging. It was a LONG day and I was super tired and ended up sleeping until almost 10 today which NEVER happens. Michael told me tonight that my blog readers deserve a full week of involved posts since I'm rounding out the end of my year of blogging.

SO today you'll get a lovely Christmas and post-Christmas recap! Wooo!!

Yesterday morning Michael and I woke up and prepared for my family to come over to our house for some morning Christmas festivities. I'm kinda sad we hardly took any pictures yesterday, so you'll have to be happy with words!

I sneaked in a quick Turbofire workout and shower before the fam arrived. Lisa brought the food, I provided the house! Below is the MONKEY BREAD Lisa made! Probably my  favorite food that I consumed yesterday!
 After some breakfast it was gift time!! Check out this lovely shot of Lisa and I handing out gifts hahaha!
 We only captured 2 gift pictures yesterday. sad.

This is Dustin with the gift that I got for him and I got one for MichaeL!
 The dogs were sad cause they didn't have tons of gifts. So they decided to sun themselves by the front door while we made a wrapping paper mess!
 This is the awesome gift Dustin and Christina gave Michael and I! It's a picture of the Webb and Kasten coat of arms. Pretty cool huh?! (the blurry pic is Michael's finger pointing out the less cool name on the coat of arms, Kasten of course, well actually he thought Kasten was cooler but I said the Webb coat of arms was on the left, therefore superior!)
 Oh I was wrong...some more gift pictures!!

Here's my dad trying out his awesome road bike that we got for him. He was super excited about it! And below that is the ring bling that my dad gave Lisa!
 After family time with the Webbs Michael and I headed downtown to serve a meal with the Lexington Rescue Mission at Broadway Christian Church. Michael, Becca, Becca's mom Jan, Elyse, and I all got to work together serving the actual food! It was a great time and awesome getting to fed the hungry on Christmas day! Everyone there was smiles!

After volunteering we headed out to the Kastens for a lovely dinner and gifts!

By this time of the day I was exhausted and the camera was too heavy to lift!! The meal was delicious of course. We all had a great time hanging out and opening gifts too!!

Once Michael and I finally got home from that long day around 9:30 we busted out some "How I met your Mother" season 2 episodes and then hit the hay!

Christmas gifts received:
-Garmin watch (Michael got this before I made the list, go michael!)
-Mountain Hard Wear blue fuzzy awesome jacket
-2 pairs of texting gloves
-2 tv stands (one from the Webbs and 1 from the Kastens, ironic!)
-Baking supplies
-Cute Michael Kors clutch size purse
-Wii Harry Potter video game part 2
-Gift Cards
-And random other gifts!

This morning all the Kastens met up again to hit the Legacy trail since Andrea, Matt, and Greg had new bikes to try out. IT WAS FREEZING!! Of course, I am ALWAYS cold but still, I had snot like a river flowing from my nose and my toes and fingers hurt so bad cause they were so cold! We probably rode about 17-ish miles. I was so ready for those 17 miles to be over on the way back because the wind decided to be blowing against me the whole way back. However, I'm glad we all had some good family time and burned calories together!

After the ride we headed to the Smashing Tomato for a super late lunch, Andrea's pick because today is her birthday!! Happy Birthday Andrea!!

Speaking of Andrea, we are about to head over to her house with the dogs to enjoy some cake and wii video games! So i'm outta here!!


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