Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pre-Christmas Festivities!

First and foremost, since I am writing this post late I will go slightly backwards and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! The picture above was taken at Southlands VERY crowded 5pm Christmas Eve service, which was beautiful as always!! We are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful church! And even luckier to have found seats, MANY people had to stand during the service!!

After church we headed over to the Kastens for some appetizers and Christmas movie watchin'. A very relaxing evening~ you know until Michael and I got home at 9 and had to clean our house since my family is coming over tomorrow for Christmas in the AM!

Anywhooo, back to last night...I have 2 additional pictures to add from our night at the Hofbrahaus (German Restaurant/bar in Newport). Basically everyone and anyone who graduated from Ryle between the years of '05-'07 could be found there last night. Somewhat awkward talking to people you barely talked to in high school or haven't seen in years. But it was nice to catch up with everyone!!

I had a great time hanging with Annie (the bday girl), Azra, Meredith, Jenny, and even finding Mr. Jodie Lusby for a good portion of the night!! It was a very late night!
Jenny, Azra, and Me in our tacky Christmas Sweaters
Just in case you were wondering, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters at a people packed bar is not a good decision if you want to stay cool! I was a sweaty hot mess!

Here is Annie doing her birthday dance with the German band, so much fun!
 Ok so now jump forward to this morning. After driving back from NKY I grabbed Adrielle and we did our Christmas together!! We had a great time making a Gingerbread house!! It was a sticky mess but a lot of fun!

 Then it was time for presents!! She got a doll like the one she got last year cause she mentioned how much she wanted another one and I got it an outfit and then I gave her my old point and shoot camera, which was super exciting for her!!
 Merry Christmas from Ashley and Adrielle!!
 Oh and Michael wishes you a Merry Christmas too, he is apparently a giant and enjoys taking secret self portraits in his Christmas garb while I'm getting ready for church!

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