Friday, December 30, 2011

Blursday Thursday

My Thursday was a blursday because it went by WAY too fast than expected. Reasons?! I'll give you reasons!

REASON #1: We got ALL of the carpets cleaned in our house today in order to prepare it to sell shortly. With house selling on the brain michael and I spent a good amount of our early morning and early afternoon watching HGTV shows at his parents house while we waited with the dogs to get the carpets clean. 

An item checked off of our house prep list. CHECK! Nice and clean and I don't want anyone to walk on it ... EVER!

REASON #2: I finally got to use my Gamin watch I got for Christmas to go for a run because a. it had stopped raining and b. it was VERY lovely out today. but unfortunately c. it was also very windy! Another unfortunate fact is the route I've been running that I always thought was a 5k based on turned out to be only 2.93 miles according to my Garmin. BUMMER. Also, I felt like I was going to stop breathing approximately 10 times during my run so I would pause the run catch my breathe and then die again shortly. uGH. I wish my nice weather day of running resulted in a good run, I guess that's what you get when you eat cookies at your in-law's house for lunch and haven't been feeling your best the past couple of days.
REASON #3: I randomly got to see my Dad today because of a car issue Michael was having. My parents were in town tonight so that they could drive Lisa's parents down to Florida and luckily my dad was around to help Michael with an issue he was having with broken bolt on his wheel. My dad jabbed around at it and finally got the stubborn thing out (pictured below!):
REASON #4: OLIVIA WAS IN TOWN! OLIVIA YIPPEE!! I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH OLIVIA! Olivia, Michael, Becca, and I headed to dinner at Ramseys tonight and I loved getting to spend the time with her! I especially enjoy random visits from a bestie! (ps we are dressed pretty similarly, except she's like a foot taller than me!)

REASON #5: WHAA??!! SAM GIFFIN IS IN TOWN! HUH, MR. CALIFORNIA FRIEND THAT I VISITED WHILE IN SAN FRAN IN AUGUST?!!? Sam was in town for a couple of day and I got to hangout with him for a bit at our friend Clay's house and Michael, Becca, and Olivia joined as well. OH and I got to meet Sam's girlfriend Elicia! YIPPEE! I miss him!

REASON #6: UM...after a great night of hanging out with friends and being good and eating a salad for dinner this girl knows she deserves a fairly nice sized cone from McDonalds. A great way to end my grand and crazy day!

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