Monday, December 12, 2011

Friend Day on a weekday..say whaa?

Last week when I met up with Annie she mentioned making dinner with me on Monday. I totally forgot about it and thought it wouldn't happen with our schedules and since she is working on finals. Well I was pleasantly surprised when she texted me today and our plans actually happened and Becca joined us too!!

Because of that I needed to quickly pick up my dry cleaning (expensive!), rush home get a workout in, and then clean up the house a little bit.

The high today was 48 degrees and I had to take advantage of that. I quickly put on the workout clothes I wore yesterday cause they are super comfy and headed out on the roads as the sunset. I only had time for a short run and I completed the same route I did with Becca yesterday but in a speed that felt awesome and fast to me. The temp was perfect. If you say you don't have time to workout, that's a lie, make the time, you can find it, your body will thank you! Great run! 3.6 miles in about 31 minutes (estimate). It was pitch black by the time I got home, but so glad I got to run!

I of course had to show you my twice worn workout outfit. The best solution, stand on the toilet in "Michael's bathroom"  (the bathroom he uses when he has to get up early, it's a gross bathroom!) and take a picture. DUH!
When I returned I quickly pulled the house together and then my friends came!! We made grilled cheese and tomato soup and we each enjoyed a beer. I sadly had my last pumpkin beer tonight (you know i only had 3 of these wonderful beers and it probably took me 3 months to drink the 3 cause i wanted to savor their yumminess)
Annie and I assisted Becca in making a pumpkin roll for her holiday party at work tomorrow. It was a great time! I hope it turns out delicious!

A cozy dinner for a cozy night with friends!
And now I am off to maybe get a little chat in with the hubby that will be returning tomorrow and getting some rest!! Goodnight!

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