Tuesday, December 27, 2011

being old...

Being old (aka 23, yes I realize this is not old) means sometimes your day isn't full of fun activities. But still, things excite you!

You know what excited me? Cracking open this MASSIVE bag of Pistachios my parents got me for Christmas. They are like crack! Back story to this... I was telling my dad a couple months ago that when I was younger we weren't allowed to get special things from the grocery store cause they were "expensive", aka dunkaroos, gushers, etc. (I now slightly understand that maybe its cause these items are basically pure sugar!) but for some reason my mom always got us pistachios. Fast forward to 2011 when Ashley wants to purchase pistachios and realizes they are REALLY expensive. Ashley girl say whaaaa?! How could we afford pistachios and not sugary goodness. Therefore, I now have a LARGE bag of pistachios to consume! YUM!
While eating Pistachios with Michael a debate began about how people eat pistachios. Which meant I HAD to post a facebook status about our question we were debating. My family ALWAYS sucks the salt off the outside of the shell before cracking it open. However, Michael thought that was weird and gross (even though he loves salt). Results from the facebook post prove that I was right. I would say at least 80% of the people who responded to my question agreed with my way of eating pistachios!! success!
Another thing about being old (aka 26, Michael) is that you find extreme pleasure in putting together the piece of furniture you got for Christmas. I don't recall ever getting furniture for Christmas as a child and I believe I'd be pretty bummed if I did. BUT at this age, it's pretty darn exciting. And  Michael took pleasure in putting the thing together. We were up until almost 2am assembling this tv stand. AND when I say we I mean Michael put it together while I sat on the couch either interneting or dozing off as you can tell from the lack of movement and positioning of the photos below  ( you can see how much time was spent on this by looking at the clock behind the tv, haha!):

SUCCESS for Michael!! The tv stand was put together so well that it holds the tv and is straight ! yippee!! very happy about the results. And it definitely declutters our room. Once again, kinda sad what we get excited about these days!

 Organization?! Yes please, this was Michael's doing. We got rid of a ton of DVD cases and loaded them up in cases that held multiple DVDs and everything including video games fit in one drawer!
And last but not least. When you are old you get sick from smells. OK, well maybe that is everyone. BUt this is gross. The dogs got to take home 2 pig hooves from Matt and Andrea's house the other night because they are obsessed with them. And DANG, these things smell! I explained it to Michael's sister as a combo of skunk and urine. ICK! It's hard to decide what to do with them though, the dogs L-O-V-E these things, like that is all they have done all day. But then when you are sitting on the couch and you keep getting whiffs of the stench and you want to hurl, well yeah, you want to take the dogs favorite toy away. I wish I could febreeze these hooves, I really do!!

And now Michael and I are off to finish up our date night with a movie!! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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