Thursday, December 15, 2011

A change of scenery

Sad but true Michael and I must consider the fact that we may need to be moving in about 5 months from now for an unknown to us as of now residency position for Michael. So with that in mind we have slowly started thinking about getting our house, aka townhouse, ready to sell. Tear :(

And now is the time! Michael has the days between his interviews off from school and I will have the week following Christmas off from work so we will be busy cleaning, painting, fixing, decluttering and etc. to get this house ready (Anyone have any suggestions on prepping a home for sale?)

With that comes repainting! Michael and his Dad (thank goodness he wanted to help! :) ) Tackled the paint job yesterday. Our hallway upstairs and stairway were stark white with tons of colorful scratches from all the dog playing, furniture carrying and etc. that occurs in our house and then there's the Orange room. It's bright and crazy! Not sure if that would be a selling point of the house. So it was time to get some tan walls in this heezy!
Michael and Greg did a great job and knocked all these areas out in one afternoon. I was thoroughly impressed when I got home from work and the dudes were almost done! Happy mama!

 Now the room looks like a real room or maybe even something we can call a guest room. We fondly referred to it as "the orange room" in the past, what do we call it now?!?!?
The bad thing about nicely painted walls is noticing the not so nice and not so clean looking things surrounding it. For example we realized our stair railing, which is white, is actually kind of grey with dirt from our nasty (apparently) hands. We also noticed that our carpet doesn't look to great. Nothing a little elbow grease, touch up paint, and carpet cleaning won't help! Now how do we keep the dogs from destroying our work?!?

Do you like the new look?!

I do!!

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