Saturday, December 10, 2011

Single Lady

Lately I've been feelin' like a single lady. Obviously I am not. But with Michael being gone for almost the entire week I think I've slowly become the "Cat lady" or in my case the dog lady. I even took pictures of the dogs playing cause I had nothing better to do :)
Don't they look ferocious?

 Besides watching my dogs play today I was semi-productive. I went to KY Fit Club in the morning and then tackled pomegranate prep. I love these winter fruits, the little buggers however require a little bit of time to prep before chowing down on them.
 I use the under water method of removing the arils in order to not stain fingers, hands, and clothes
 The white pulpy stuff floats to the top, the edible arils stay at the bottom!
 So vibrant and beautiful and full of tangy awesome flavor!
 In the past I've just eaten them plain. But today I added them to my oatmeal and it was WONDERFUL! I already know what I'll be having for breakfast tomorrow!! Nom nom nom!
 Also tonight was Amachi Christmas Movie night at Southland. We got some free yummy Jets pizza and then sat down to watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (The Jim Carrey one!). I love this movie, I can't believe it came out so long ago, it's 10 years old! Volunteers from Southland handed out popcorn and candy for everyone during the movie. I caught this shot when Adrielle wasn't paying attention. I love it!

Today I found out that this adorable little girl in the movie is a young Taylor Momsen, which made me sad to find out (she's a Gossip Girl cast member)
 During the movie I noticed that Adrielle had four suckers so I challenged her to create a huge sucker by eating all 4 at once and creating her very own special flavor! She had a cherry, rootbeer, cream soda, and mystery flavor (which she determined was green apple).
 Challenge taken! Way to be Adrielle!
Unfortunately the Amachi event was during the big UK vs IU game so I missed the whole thing. And sadly we lost our first game today. Oh well, it was bound to happen at some point!

After Adrielle time I headed over to the Ferguson's house to hang out with people who met up to watch the game. We ended up watching Super Troopers and chatting. Great time seeing some friends I hadn't seen in a while!

And now I'm snacking on some microwaved chips and cheese. Healthy right?! Goodnight and I hope your Satuday was wonderful!

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