Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well I kept my word from last night (mostly because I'm a sugar addict) and made my oatmeal butterscotch cookies. Michael called and asked why I made cookies and who for? And I said me and just cause. HAHA lame? Maybe. Delicious. FOR SURE!

Much dough was consumed.
Then there was a sugar headache.
I walked it off for a bit then ate some more!!

-This is what I saw laying out in our room when I went up to bed last night:
Apparently Michael was have a hard time deciding which argyle sweater to wear for his pre-interview dinner in Columbus.

And maybe his wife has a small obsession with argyle on her husband?!? (there are one or two of these missing)

P.S. Michael really liked Columbus. gahhh he has really liked almost every interview, which means the decisions will lie with me on how to rank these pressure at all! (Just 5-7 years of our life!)

-Last night I also put down all my cookies for enough time to lick approximately 60 envelopes.
My tongue hated me afterwards. Why didn't I get a wet sponge? Laziness. I blame it on the cookies.

-Last night I had a horrible night of sleep. First of all, my envelope licking escapades took longer than expected. Then once in bed at midnight I heard a drip drip drip outside of the house  (it's been raining here a lot). That was the only noise being made in the world. After a while of trying to block it out I thought that I should listen to the quiet Christmas Pandora Station, it's so calm. Well yes, but then there's a commercial every so often. I would gasp awake when someone random would start shouting about a jeweler or paying for Pandora for no commercials. FAIL. It was probably about 2 when I fell asleep. 7 AM came quickly.

-Tonight Adrielle, Michael, and I hung out. We watched one of those golden retriever movies. Maybe it was called a Golden Christmas?! It wasn't too terrible. Adrielle enjoyed it, so it's cooooo.

- Michael leaves for a rather large round of interviews tomorrow. Booo. I'll be stuck here in rainy, cold Lexington. But no worries, I have plans for a good portion of the time he's gone. ALSO, i won't feel bad spending a lot of time at the gym!

Well it's time for me to go! Hope you enjoyed my random post!! Night folks!

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