Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workout Wednesday plus more

So since I haven't been much of a workout queen due to my travels this will be a bit of a shorter I'll get right into that and then into other things:

Thursday: Worked and then went and sat on my butt on a plane for about 5 hours then went to sleep after having a super late dinner of 2 pieces of salami and a cookie at 12 pacific time.

Friday-Saturday: Walked a good deal. No exercise. Too busy!

Sunday: Sat on my butt on a plane again

Monday: Turbofire 30

Tuesday: 3.6 mile run outdoors, no music, with Carson. Glorious. Fast paced. Awesome. Perfect warm weather. shorts. ENDORPHINS!

Wednesday: Tonight I did a great workout that I loved here it what I did
  • min 1-5: 6.6mph warm up
  • min 5-6: 8.5mph
  • min 6-7: 6.7mph
  • min 7-8: 8.7mph
  • min 8-9: 6.7mph
  • min 9-10: 8.9mph
  • min 10-11: 6.7mph
  • min 11-12: 9.1mph
  • min 12-13: 6.7mph
  • min 13-14: 9.3mph
  • min 14-15: 6.7mph
  • min 15-16: 9.5mph
  • min 16-17: 6.7mph
  • min 17-18: 8.9mph
  • min 18-19 6.7 mph
  • min 19-20 8.7 mph
  • min 20-21 6.7 mph
  • min 21-22 8.5 mph
  • min 22-22.5 6.7 mph
  • min 22.5-23.5 8.5 mph --- this is when I hit 3 miles
  • 3 minute cool down at 4 mph
This workout was intense and speedy and I loved it!! I loved the burst of energy and the slowed down parts too. I will definitely do this one again, definitely more my speed style than the slower intervals I've done in the past!

Now on to other things. 

I have had the WORST mouth ulcer in the furthest part back of my mouth on my gums, almost under my tongue. It is AWFUL. It is somehow making my teeth and jaw hurt. Which in turn results in a slight headache. AM I DYING?! Has this ever happened to you before?! Eating was just about the worse thing ever today. Luckily I had soup for lunch but our slightly mushy dinner killed my teeth and ice cream didn't help either! AHH!!

In other news last night our friends Jon and Kara came over to hang out before they leave to visit their family until the new year. Glad they get to visit family. Sad they will be gone for so long, especially when we have all this time off!! We had them over for dinner and I made lasagna, they brought the ice cream, for moi!! How kind!

After dinner Michael suggested a Christmas movie. A Christmas movie that no one but himself had ever heard of. It was called Santa Claus the Movie. It was made in 85. graphics are intense. Movie....laughable. Apparently it was Michael's favorite movie ever growing up. We asked Andrea about the movie, since it was apparently his favorite and she described the movie as awful. That was pretty on point. I mean it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but I have seen better Christmas movies!! The movie did have John Lithgow and Dudley Moore in it though. 
And now I'm going to bed. Cause I am sleepy and my mouth is screaming at me! Goodnight folks!!

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