Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello sidewalk... Ashley. Ashley...sidewalk.

Yes, it was not a very good start to my Friday morning. Oh friday, you are supposed to treat me well and you spit in my face first thing?! Not COOL!

Remember how I wanted to get some running in but my schedule would not permit???? Well I tried to make it happen this morning. Emphasis on TRY. Set my alarm for 5:45, got up, dressed, and I felt awake, alert and ready to go for once. (this is never how I feel in the morning!) I thought, "oh it's still very dark out and scary, I'll take Carson, PLUS he needs to get some of that crack energy out of his system!".

So we were off. The stars were still out, but it was perfect running temp. I had a long sleeve shirt and shorts on which is my fav running combo. ANYWHOOOO...we get going, everything's going well. I pass a couple running together and all's well. UNTIL...


Yep,  my body met the sidewalk. My body actually wanted to face first slide into the sidewalk. OUCHY. Guys, this is the third time in the past year this has happened to me. I don't think i can see in the dark or something, but the sidewalks are pretty crappy. BUT that's not the worst of it!

Remember how I was running with Carson?! Remember how Carson is the most skiddish and frightened dog out there?! Remember how he is super fast and basically trots/walks while I'm huffing and puffing running? I went down he got scared...then his retractable leash got really close to him and it freaked him out even more. He had to get away from the leash.

He takes off zig zagging across Chinoe (a pretty major road, luckily it was 6 am -ish at this point). I pick my self up, bloody hand and all and take off running after him. Screaming, sprinting, crying, feeling burning pain in my hand. And he's off. And I'm scared. I'm running down Chinoe screaming, waving my hands, trying to get cars attention. I've lost him and I don't know what to do. Carson is barely over 1 year old and not the brightest crayon in the box. I felt like he would run until he died, trying to get away from the darn leash that would never leave his side. A car stopped and I sobbed to the woman, she was confused. Then the runners I had passed ran back to me. They said they saw Carson running like a bat out of hell.

They tried to chase him as well with no luck. I'm still sobbing at this point and screaming his name. They tell me they will help me find him and said I should run home and look for him to see if he went there. I told them he's not that smart, he won't. They were like we are going that way, we'll run with you. Crying still we run about a half mile back and there sitting at the door scared to death is poor little Carson. Leash in tow.

I sob with joy now. I'm so happy he's there. He's so smart! He made it across the super busy Alumni Road without getting hit. So happy. but obviously still shaken up.

I call Michael sobbing. He thought  Carson got hit or something but was relieved when I told him what happened. Midway through the convo I look down and our carpet is covered in little red spots. Wellll...i see Carson licking his paws. All four of his little paws are covered in blood. :(

I guess he ran so hard that all of his claws became REALLY short, like too short! :( (I was just thinking about how we needed to take him to Petsmart to get his claws trimmed) I force the poor pup into his cage to protect our carpet, and now he thinks he's in trouble. I get a closer look at his paws and his one back paw pad is ripped up exposing the underneath! Man he must have ran hard. I attempted to wrap his paw and had to get to work.

I called the vet and am taking him at 3 to check him out and make sure there's nothing in his paw that will get infected. But wooo what a morning. I am emotionally drained and still sad about my lack of running while standing ability and not finishing my run.

Now I will post some pics...please be aware that there is blood in them and if you don't like blood (I do not, then don't look at them)

my ouchie

ouch! Notice his pad is ripped up :(
his poor little bloody toes :( keep him from bleeding....polite though, cross legs
 This is how I made myself feel better once I got to work today....

On 2 other non related and happier notes...Michael and I got gas at Kroger yesterday for REALLY cheap!

AND I saw my twin Annie at Zumba class yesterday! I had no idea she was coming and she showed up wearing basically the exact same outfit as me! v-neck tie dye shirts, dark shorts, headband, same exact blue sports bra, and yellow and grey weird, I loved it! I had to snap a picture!
Well that's it for today. Please pray for Caron's little feet..I feel so bad!

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  1. So.....this is my first time reading anything on your blog, and I just thought I'd let you know I liked it :D