Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Look who's not too ashamed to post their workout wednesday this week?  ME! Cause I actually tried to make it work in my schedule so here goes!

Thursday & Friday - still in workout funk, no time to even think about working out so it didn't happen unfortunately

Saturday - KY fit club!! This week we did another beach body video called rev abs, but the actual video did not involve many ab focused drills, it was a lot of kickboxing moves. I was definitely sore afterward.

Sunday - day of rest/ clean the house day ...which can oftentimes be considered a workout!

Monday - 5k on the treadmill at the Hampton Inn. THe one convenient thing about traveling is that the gym is REALLY close so you honestly have no excuses because your choices for hotel entertainment is either tv or workout. I surprisingly did not turn my hotel room tv on once the whole time we were there!

Tuesday: After eating mexican food for dinner i was very doubtful that a workout would happen but after about an hour of digesting I convinced myself to do a workout video that I am trying out this week, it''s called Chalean Extreme (it's a beach body video). I was recommended this video as a good supplement for me since I'm a runner and this mainly focuses on weights work. The only thing is I have to do everything with a tube band and so I didn't feel like the workout was as great as it would be using weights. I'll give it another go or two and then make my decision on whether or not to get it. I really do need a workout that will help me focus on strength training because that is equally as important as my cardio work! Why am I trying out this video for the week? Because I get to pick any beachbody video of my choice for FREE because I won a KY fit club drawing! If anyone has any beachbody suggestions please let me know! Checkout Chalean, she's intense!

Wednesday: I woke up at 5:30 central time this morning to get a workout in because I knew I wouldn't want to after a day of traveling back to Lexington. I did 3.5 miles in a little under 29 minutes and man was I a sweaty freak!

So yes, I am a little less ashamed of my workouts this week, still not as much as I would have hoped, I'd like to have probably one more workout but due to my schedule I'll accept this! Stay fit friends!

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