Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Wedding, some airplanes, and Indiana

So last night we got home at a kind of late hour from the wedding that took place in Cincinnati. That's why there was not a post with much detail. But now you'll get to see the pictures of the fun times we had!!
Of course there was the first dance:

Then a huge and delicious fancy meal:

And pictures with good friends:

And dancing of course:

The wedding was a awesome time and a great opportunity to see friends from school that I haven't really been able to hangout with in a while. Such a great time!
This morning after a late evening I was woken up to lovely pancakes served up by my hubs. What a great surprise!! He even made pancake letters! How awesome is he?!

 I got up and packed up my stuff for my week long stay in South Bend, Indiana for training. Surprisingly the airports seemed normal even though it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I made it safely to south bend after a stop in Detriot and got settled in.
A friend of mine from the Dallas office met up with me and he brought a girl from his office and we went and gave ourselves a little walking tour of Notre Dame (the college of course). The campus was gorgeous, green, and spread out. It was nice too since it was Sunday with families and children milling about and students lazily wondering along exercising and hanging out.


After our walk I chilled for a bit in my room and then met up with some people to head to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to catch some NFL (LOVE football season!). And now i'm sleepy so this girl is gonna head to bed! Goodnight friends!

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