Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday Recap (cause it was just that good)

So since I am stuck with doing a workout Wednesday on Wednesdays I thought that I might recap a little bit of wednesday and catch up with some stuff now because it was noteable:

First of all, you should be starting to understand my love for anything and everything pumpkin. Welllllll tonight Michael and I went to Sonic to celebrate...what were we celebrating? Michael found out his Step 2 Boards exam scores today and he did EXCELLENT! Like ridiculously awesome, he is SO happy and relieved! Anywhoooo we went to Sonic to celebrate and Michael immediately pointed out to me the pumpkin milkshake they had on their menu. Um yes please!
(please note that yes, I am wearing pajama pants, I am also wearing a hoodie and public)
p.s. also note that there was a ton of whipped cream (pumpkin pie is the best with whipped cream, no?!) and crumbles on top!

It was good but REALLY filling...i couldn't even finish the whole thing, and that is a strange thing for me when dealing in all things ice cream or pumpkin related! But go getcha self one!

In other news this is my totally cool husband:

This is what happens when you aren't prepared for a flag football game on campus and the refs won't allow you to wear your sweat pants and your team will be forced to forfeit due to lack of players unless you get shorts. Then you promptly run to the car with your wife and change bottoms (I had just finished working out...ick) Thankfully these were lucky booty shorts for Michael and his team because the medschool boys won the game playing one man short and with no resting...and believe me these guys are hard workers and were most definitely worn out from long days doing surgery, rounds, etc.! I was impressed and thrilled by their win not to mention cracking up the entire game watching my hubs run around the field in my bright pink short running shorts!
(can you say taking one for the team?!)

Here's a game shot!
check out those booty shorts from a far!
Oh and here's a pretty sky shot I captured while sitting in the dew covered grass on a fall evening! It was sprinkling a bit where I was sitting but gorgeous!

Oh and my recent lunch obsession?! -- of course I know you are dying to find out -- I've been making a salad with carrots, goat cheese, craisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a bit of couscous (we had it left over from dinner the night before and I thought I'd try it in a salad, it was good!) with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette tossed on top...heavenly and filling!

Sorry this post was all over the place but I thought you all might enjoy some randomness!! If you get a chance make sure to congratulate Michael on his sweet accomplishment!

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