Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blandy McBlanderson

I feel like my blog posts have been REALLY bland lately. And I am honestly sorry if I've been boring you to death. Life has been out of control I feel like lately. I definitely lack the extra time to blog during the week and then weekends like this one I sink into laziness and lots of pajama wearing and then I lack anything interesting to blog about what-so-ever. So my goal this week is to find something semi-interesting to blog about. Any suggestions?

Although my weekend has been semi-bland, one of the more positive things was bible study tonight. I love getting together with these awesome people and it was even greater cause some of us went to A&W beforehand and then we had the actual b-stud outside surrounding a fire pit in the midst of the beautiful Kentucky hills in the country. Perfect way to cap off my weekend, chill yet thought provoking. Plus who doesn't love being around a group of super hilarious and super loving people?! I mean these folks are my fav!

Well i should wrap this up since I have to hit the road early in the morning to Evansville, Indiana for a few days of work and I still need to pack a little and finish up the laundry. Hopefully I'll find something interesting to blog about in Evansville! Happy Fall Sunday to all.

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