Monday, September 26, 2011


Doesn't it feel great to be able to check things off your list? Today after work I was able to accomplish that by knocking off 4 gifts from different registries at Babies R Us, Bed bath and beyond, and Target. I must say though that shopping for registry gifts can be quite frustrating especially when you have a tight budget and it doesn't help that these stores are monster stores OR the fact that I was still wearing my work clothes, AKA heels. Tromping around these stores searching for items within my price range was tiring on my poor feet! Hence, no workout today, I was exhausted from the shopping extravaganza. But atleast I know I am set on gifts for all events taking place in October!

Speaking of October I CANNOT believe that it is right around the corner! Which means I need to start looking for gift ideas for Michael's birthday on the 26th!

Speaking of Michael, I walked in from running my errands to him folding a load of whites. He decides one of his undershirts is too nasty(all of them are, I don't know what his toxic armpits produce but the shirts don't take too well to it) and decides that Willis needs to wear clothes. Willis is hilarious when you put stuff on him, he like refuses to move and gets the saddest look on his face. This picture was captured while using taunting words like "treat" to get his attention. oH and exciting information, today, September 26th, marks Carson's one year adoption anniversary and time spent in the Kasten household, I am so glad we have this playful pup, his spunk always cheers me up! (oh and sorry, Carson doesn't have any manners with his private parts!). Enjoy!

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