Thursday, September 22, 2011

A brand new attitude

 So quickly the last two pictures I took in Evansville. the above picture is the view from the office at the river, I thought it was rather pleasant looking!

 Below is what I had for dessert yesterday before we left. We stopped by a bakery and I was going to grab one of their delicious chocolate chip cookies and it was my lucky day! The bakery was celebrating their 13th birthday and had free cake and lemonade for everyone! YUM cake and cookie, always a good thing!

 So yesterday at around 7 I arrived back in Lexington. It's amazing how just being home in your house with your own bed can change your attitude but it really has! I just needed a little time home during the week that's all! Not sure if you saw this on Facebook..buttttt... I found out I passed the last section of the CPA exam yesterday and I celebration HAD to happen! So I called up our awesome friends, The Larsons, to see if they would want to celebrate with us AND celebrate Mr. Larson's birthday this week! They were down! So we headed to Pazzo's (pizza place on campus) for pint night and pizza!

I recently decided that my facebook photos were falling behind so I made everyone take pictures. I really like this one of Michael and I and it was on my phone's camera!
 I warned the Larson's that the flash on my camera was bright. Jonathan decided it was necessary to react to this flash while Kara decided to stay beautiful!
 This is my, "take that CPA exam, I will celebrate my defeat over you with my first ever pumpkin beer!" face. I actually really liked it and might try it again, I don't normally like beer, like at all, but this celebratory beer got me really into the fall spirit!
 I'm not really sure what's happening here but I would like to think I am about to stab Michael because I had just found out about his secret frisbee golf disc purchase that he made a while back!

 After dinner I begged to go get ice cream. I've been asking all my coworkers the past week for ice cream and it didn't happen and since McDonald's 49 cent cones were right next door to Pazzos it was perfect and luckily my hubs and friends are very much like me and really do enjoy a nice value cone!
 The happiest girl in the world...with a slight lazy eye apparently...I blame it on the flash!!!
Oh, and that's my weird husband. He eats ice cream weird and thinks it's necessary to have an ice cream mustache the whole time he's eating the cone!

So yesterday evening was perfect. I loved spending time outside of a hotel room with people I really do love they definitely can help with the mood issues!! Well that's all that really happened yesterday, it's a semi relief to finally have something to write about for once and pictures with it too! Look at me, so proud! Well goodnight friends, tomorrow is Friday, who's excited?!

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