Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blizzard on September 1st?!

Happy September everyone! Isn't it crazy that it's already September? I think it is! That means fall is on the way which brings many great things like:
-pumpkin pie
-pumpkin bread
-pumpkin ice cream at Brusters
-pumpkin cheesecake

do you think I like pumpkin?! I DO I DO!

Fall also brings great things like:
-Beautiful Kentucky scenery
- Football -- NFL -- and -- College (Go Cats!)
- More outdoor running
- Cooler Temps
YAY fall is good...just don't bring me winter, k?

So remember how I said yesterday that exercise makes me feel good. Well I fell off the train today. But really, I need a rest day, I worked out 3 days in a row (p.s. I'm sore from that class yesterday so I may give it another go) and had 3 full work days in a row so tonight was the perfect opportunity to rest a little, read a little, wait for my husband to come home from work (which didn't happen until like 8), and eat a blizzard at dairy queen with the hubs while he ate dinner.  We split a medium ooey gooey caramel and brownie blizzard. It was ok. I should have stuck with my norm, Heath, can never go wrong with that!

But that's about all for today...oh and these guys say hi! hi! hi! blog readers!

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