Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Tis Workout Wednesday Friends!

P.S. still loving this graphic by Jessica S.!

With a job that I spend about 10 hours at during the day and 30 minutes driving to each day it has taken me a little while to get acclimated to the schedule but I think this week I may be falling more into a rhythm. I say I feel like I barely worked out,  but I still got some in here or there but I believe I feel at least 100 times better during the day and the day after I get a good exercise in. It lifts my morale and of course the endorphins are great. If you are feelin' a little slumpy during the week maybe you should go get your blood pumpin' and see if you start feelin' a little better :) I promise you will!
So here are my workouts for the past week:

Thursday: This was my meltdown day. I think I spend more time sweating from crying than exercising. Well, that is definitely true because I didn't exercise at all. But looking back at that day now I can see I am on the upward slope!

Friday: Once again no exercise, went straight from work, to vineyard concert, then to bed.

Saturday: 16 mile bike ride with Michael's dad down the Legacy Trail. I want to ride this trail everyday until the weather starts getting bad, although that is unreasonable, maybe I can do it once a week?!

Sunday: Busy day catching up from the past week. House was a wreck. I'll count that as 1/2 an exercise point for the day, but no real carved out exercise.

Monday: WONDERBAR 5k nighttime run with Mr. Carson-pants. Pace was great. Breathing great. Legs felt great. I was even running in front of the long-legged Carson for at least 50% of the run and he's typically a super fast guy!

Tuesday: Another wonderful run this evening, 4.65 random miles with one of the best people I know, Becca! Another night of feelin' good and feelin' happy!

Wednesday: Today I tried out a new workout class at the Johnson Center since I have a "spouse" membership and haven't really been using it I thought I should check out some of the new classes. It' s kinda  a bummer that I can't do a lot of the classes though cause I'm not home from work until like 6:30. I am still a little uncertain about whether or not I liked this new class, I guess I can determine a little by how I feel tomorrow and then maybe give it another shot cause it is the Wednesday 7pm class. This is it's description:
Group Rx: RIP
This barbell program brings fun to your workout by matching movement to music using traditional strength training exercises, allowing you to work at your own level! Have a blast while building strength through your entire body!
I don't really think the movement was to music as they say above. It was kinda like we were lifting weights with too fast dance music in the background. And there were 2 teachers and they would switch like every set of reps between arms and legs, which was kinda of weird. Also, I am pretty weak so this was hard for me, probably a hint that I should continue to go to this class because lifting and toning like this is great for your body and helps burn fat!
Also, check out my yummy breaky this morning (sadly the raspberries are all gone now so I must return to the cereal for breakfast):
 Also, one of the perks to of driving to work at 7:40 in the AM...pretty sunshine and clouds!
 Happy Wednesday Folks!

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  1. You inspire me so much! I just want you to know that! :)

    As you could probably see from my post, I have been sucking at the workouts lately. Your bit of cheering on up there really helped me out! I workout out this morning and I have had the BEST day! :)