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SF Day 4 -- The last day I promise!

Hey Folks, it's the last day of the SF review, this either may be a sad thing or a happy thing for you if you are getting totally bored with hearing about our trip. But even if you aren't enjoying these posts I like having them as something to remember the vaca by besides the pictures of course...

So here we 4!

Michael and I didn't really have any plans what so ever on this day so we woke up and slowly got ready, watched a little tv, etc. By the time we had packed up our things AGAIN we lugged everything downstairs and checked our baggage into the day check so that we could roam the city for the day since our flight wasn't until 11:30 PM!

We hadn't eaten breakfast out at all the entire trip so we thought to try something in the city. I googled "places to eat breakfast in San Fran" and it led us to "Dotties" a small little 40 seater restaurant with the breakfast essentials. The google response told us to expect a line. With no plans in mind we headed out about .8 miles from our hotel.

This restaurant was in a semi-shady area next to some kind of government housing with lets say a nice blend of people. And yep, there was a line!

We began our wait. Michael decided we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and he decided to track down the closest post office to mail post cards to our grandparents while I saved our spot. It was about the perfect amount of time. Cause we ended up waiting in line for ...oh...about an hour!!! I guess the place is small and the kitchen is TINY so I understood. And seriously, no need to get bent out of shape about it, we had NO plans and NO hotel to go back to!

Once we got actually inside the restaurant we were asked if we would want to sit at the bar. 2 couples in front of us declined and I said "if it has food, we'll take it!". I'm glad we did, we ordered before the people before us got seated AND it was like a little show for us, watching the one man cooking show. I was impressed with this cook. Taking orders, answering the phone, and basically managing the whole restaurant at once while turning out yummy food!

I got the largest meal on the menu...yep...kinda embarrassing but it all sounded sooo good! I got 2 pancakes (very cinnamony and tasty), scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns...oh and a glass of juice that I gave to Michael...

Michael got the southwestern eggs and hash browns which he enjoyed too!

Overall the food was good. If you don't have anywhere you need to be then wait in line, if you want to see the sights I'm sure you can find good food somewhere else too!

After lunch Michael and I strolled the streets downtown trying to find something to do. We looked in a few stores then decided we were bored but not really in walking distance of anything else. SOOOO Michael decided we should do these super cool nerdy little cars called "Go Cars". Basically it's like a little moped built with 2 wheels in front and one in the back and the passenger sits next to the driver. The thing can maybe go up to 30 mph and you have to wear a helmet cause it is dangerous with the crazy drivers!

The Go Cars are set up with a radio that has a GPS tour of the city that plays extremely loud for the whole city to hear and know that you are a tourist, if the GO Car doesn't already point that out. Once you drive the car onto the proper tour street, the tour begins and the GPS tells you where to turn. I felt like a lady in a glass case, some people stopped to take pictures of us or pointed and giggled. OH well, cause you know what?!? I really did enjoy them and it was a good use of the whole day that we had to use!

The car took us to places in the city that we wouldn't have known about or even been able to venture out to see. The only bad thing about it was it got REALLY cold about 20 minutes into our 2 hours and 15 min outdoor and windy ride!! By the end I was freezing!! Here's a little review of the pics we took and the places we saw!:
China Town of course!

Coit tower from far away
we saw these EVERYWHERE

The famous pier
Where OJ Simpson went to High School...apparently

look at this lovely bridge covered in fog!
didn't you know I was a body builder?
Pretty nice shot from a moving vehicle!
some important building that I cannot remember!
A windmill given to SF from the Dutch! (I am dutch!)
I believe this is the stadium that the 49ers and Raiders used to play Football!
We finally found the "painted ladies" in ALamo Square, remember Full House?!
Downtown! (city hall?!)
It really was fun and a good time but when we rreturned the car I was FROZEN to the bone. I found the closest Starbucks (aka like 2 feet away cause there is basically one on every block) and whipped out a Starbucks giftcard that I had and bought a grande Hot chocolate and dove for a table. Michael and I sat there for what seemed like a very long time because I just couldn't warm up. This city confused me, one second sunny and cloudless the next chilly and windy. And the people's wardrobes here were also confusing ranging from parkas to shorts and flip flops, I guess everyone else was equally confused about the weather as we were!

Since I was tired of being cold and we still had a ton of time and not much day light left before our flight Michael and I did something that you shouldn't do on vaca. Go to the movies. Yes, we broke down and did it. We rarely go to the movies at home and there were some movies that we wanted to see, so it was a way to waste some of the time we had while keeping warm.

We fast walked up to the nearest AMC for a reasonable $8 movie ticket to see Crazy, Stupid Love with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, etc. We both enjoyed the movie thoroughly and laughed a good amount, I'd recommend it!

After the movie we wanted to get some In and Out Burger but the closest one was on Fisherman's Wharf and that was just too far even though neither of us had never been to one so instead we went to Jack n the Box which was downtown and we had never been to either.

After dinner we decided, hey, why not, lets just go get our bags and start our trek to the airport. And that is what we did. We were tired and ready to get home to our pups and our sunshine! Michael and I were about an hour early to our flight once inside the terminal so we got cocktails to make us sleepy for the flight, which we luckily got on by the skin of our teeth! And we were off, back to Kentucky, arriving at 6:45 am, let me tell you, even though it is nighttime you will not sleep well on this flight and you will be messed up the entire next day!!

So there you have it. That's our San Fran trip! What a fun time! I love getting to spend some time with the hubs cause I know we won't be this free again for a long time!!

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