Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend deets

So I feel like with my vaca posts I haven't really been keeping up with what's been going on in my life so I thought I might as well just go ahead and write a SECOND post for the day! WHAT?!? Craziness!! But this weekend was too fun to ignore!

Well Friday morning we got back from SF VERY early. like 6:45am early. Most of the day I felt sick and tired, taking a tylenol PM on the plane and then not really sleeping at all really messed up my ok, Friday was not super fun, except I got to see my dad. But besides that meh.

Saturday was fun though! I got to go to my friend Megan's Wedding shower!! What fun! The food was delicious and it was great getting to see a lot of my CSF girlfriends that I haven't really hungout with in ages! Seriously though, it was a great shower! Katrina made a yummy slushy sangria, there was this key lime pie dip, little caprese salad kabobs, pasta salad, tiny sandwiches, and yummy cupcakes! It was divine! it was also fun winning one of the games! WHOOT WHOOT!

Sunday (today) was tons of fun too. Well except for taking sick mamaw to the hospital. Michael and I ended up going to Louisville for the day to a pool party at Michael's friend's parent's house. The gathering included a bunch of Michael's friends that he met in  his undergrad days. These guys are hilarious and it was fun hanging out by the pool all day in the sun and eating yummy burgers and delicious fruit and veggie salads!!
 Many awesome pictures like this one were taken of Kyle flying through the air!
 What a fun day by the pool!
And that concludes my little weekend review. I MUST hit the gym this week(it has been over a week since I've had a REAL workout, bleh), the pictures of me at the pool (which I objected to allow in this post) may have been proof to the high amount of food I have consumed in the past week and the very little exercise. Tomorrow will be productive...well...and maybe a little lazy! (hey, this girl has to become a grown up in a week from tomorrow, a little fun is allowed!)

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