Monday, August 29, 2011

My Perfect Monday

How often do people really say that they have a good Monday? I mean there's a phrase saying, "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!". Well this Monday was surprisingly good. I am going away from it with a happy attitude.

First off, Michael started Trauma Surgery today and had to get up at 4:50. Icky for him, but lucky for me, he woke up on his own 10 minutes before his alarm went off so I didn't hear a single thing from him this morning. He was out the door without a peep which is pretty amazing for my clumsy and loud hubby!

Then for breakfast I got to enjoy banana bread made by Michael's mom. What is better than a homemade baked good in the morning? I like my cereal, oatmeal, etc. but nothing beats a homemade baked good, they make me happy!

Then guess what? I tried something totally out of my realm of normal Ashley. First off I brewed my first pot of coffee. OK, it wasn't really made perfectly. BUT then the crazy part is I poured myself a cup of it,
Yes it looks like slightly brown water, but hey I'm slowly sinking into this new thing
 poured in a good amount of milk and sugar and took this brown stuff that I've always thought tasted like dirt on the road and slowly forced myself to drink it. Since it was slightly watered down it wasn't half as bad. And I believe that caffeine got me out of that morning funk I've been having the past week. SO...I guess I'll try it again tomorrow! Michael is brewing it for me in the morning, maybe it'll be more like real coffee tomorrow. haha.

Work went well today. I'm starting to feel a little more confident in some of the things I was doing. And I allowed myself to 30 minutes in the morning to get some odds and ends done like emails before diving into my work. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed about work today? I packed my lunch and ate outside while reading a book and it was glorious. The quiet time away from excel charts and email and in the sun really changes your perspective for the day. It made me want to work hard and get home and enjoy my day. Yes, I may have been a loner, eating away from my coworkers but this girl can't afford an $8 lunch everyday from a college cafeteria!

After work I headed home in a sunshiny mood. Michael was in a good mood too which makes for a great evening. I started dinner and we sat down and watched "True Grit" which we have had as a Netflix disc for some time now. I love Jeff Bridges...

AFter enjoying the movie I willed myself to go run. I didn't feel too tired so I thought I might as well go as long as I have the energy. I haven't had a full on night run in a while. It was dark. Peaceful. and simply wonderful. With Carson by my side I felt safe, even though my depth perception and sight would be totally blown off everytime a car drove by. I showed that 3.1 miles who was boss though, I felt like I had a pretty fast pace the whole time which is impressive for running in the pitch black of night!
My running partner after our night time run!

Our other friend, who can't make it 5k, in our super bright extra bedroom, so bright everything looks discolored!
 And now I'm typing this post with endorphins. I was dreading writing cause I didn't know what to write about but I guess my run gave me perspective and made me realize all the great things I had to write about today.

I am a lucky girl.

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