Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everybody's workin for the weekend...

Now I finally know what everyone was talking about when they were singing..."everybody's workin' for the weekend!"...what a relief to have 2 full days off work!! I am going to spend it hanging out with friends, exercising, and resting hopefully! My body is definitely not used to 10 hour workdays, it is definitely something I should adjust to.

Tonight Michael and I were invited by my dad to a concert by a Steely Dan tribute band named AJA at Elk Creek Winery (about 40 minutes from Lexington). Michael and I were more than glad to join. It was my parents, their friends, Dustin, Christina, and me and Michael! We brought our camping chairs, picnic blanket, a cooler of drinks, and we were set for the evening...well after my dad bought us a huge bag of kettle corn which I finally introduced to Michael (so good!).

Oh if you are not familiar, you may recognize this Steely Dan song, "Reelin' in the Years":

It was a great time. Yes, most people there were 45+ but everyone was having a good time, dancing, singing, drinking wine from the winery. And yes, the winery is gorgeous! What thing tucked in the hills of Kentucky is not?! Here are some pictures from the evening. Great times were had! We even got to do some dancing which was great and semi-hilarious while watching the silly (or drunk) older folks dance away to the songs of their youth!

this is what we look like when we dance! :)
Good night folks, hope your Friday night is wonderful and gorgeous!