Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Yes, this past Sunday was another funday and I'm glad I was able to fully enjoy the day despite my CARtastrophy the day before...

The morning started off with taping up Willis' front paw. It was kind of funny and sad at the same time. He had a tick on his leg a few weeks ago and it's not healing (we've been to the vet, don't worry) and he is licking it all the time so we thought we would try wrapping it up! After Michael got him all wrapped up Willis tried to stand up and would not put any weight on his paw and was limping around all weird and stuff. It was hilarious because he was walking fine before so he was definitely milking his injury and feeling sorry for himself!

Then Michael and I headed out on the road up to Northern Kentucky (second time this weekend for me!). We were going to meet some friends for a Reds game!! But first I wanted Michael to have the full Cincinnati/NKY game experience, except the cheaper version!

We first stopped for lunch at Skyline Chili on 42 near my parents house. Skyline is a huge sponsor of the Reds because of their Cincinnati Chili, we obviously could have bought conies at the game but at the store they were $1.75 a piece and at the game they were $4.75 a piece. I was thinking the cheaper route! I enjoyed 1 coney and a baked potato and Michael had 2 conies! YUM! (I was actually raised on GoldStar Chili, but Skyline is the better fit for a Reds game!).

After our chili we headed to Brusters for some free ice cream and a meet up with Jboh! Micheal got the Black raspberry Chunk Ice cream in a bowl and I got the Graham Central Station on a cone. Halfway through my devouring of the ice cream I realized I was missing my normal Birthday Cake Ice cream (I wanted to change things up for once and get something different than my usual!) so I plopped a little bit of that on top! It was fun sitting outside under an umbrella with the 2 boys chatting it up before the game! And of course I got my ice cream fix!

Then Michael and I made the drive down to Cincy. Man, it was sweltering by this point. We bought 2 $1 bottled waters on our way into the game and found our seats with Drew and Catherine and then the sweat show began!! I think the max amount of time we would last in our seats was MAYBE 2 innings. We would have to escape the heat and go and walk around the stadium and ask for free cups of ice to suck on. I was so sweaty the front and back of my shorts were completely soaked. It was definitely in the 90s and not many clouds in the sky. But it was a fun game, especially since Cincy swept the Giants! (Although we did leave early because we could not bare the heat much longer!)
The Kastens and the Hamiltons!!! Trying to not look sweaty!

Guess who I ran into at the game!! Miss Allison!! HOw I have missed her!

he's out!

Trying not to burn their hands on the hot base!
And guess what returned? My sunglasses tan line on my face, I mean, I look pretty cool now! We did get a good amount of sun though from sitting in our seats for a few hours.

After the game Michael and I wasted some time looking around the Gap Outlet Store in NKY and made a few purchases.

Afterward we met up my dad at home and tried to do some work on my car but to no avail. So he's keeping my car up there this week and he's gonna try to figure out what's wrong, it's still not running. So Michael, my Dad, and I headed to the new Chili's in town for dinner. I have had a $10 giftcard from there since I graduated high school cause I never really have been to a Chili's so I was glad to finally use that. I had a yummy avocado burger!

*Note-- we ate at 2 places with the word Chili in their names today, I just realized that, ironic, yes?!*

After dinner it was time to head home because by the time we would arrive in Lexington our poor pups would have been in their cages for 12 hours!! And Willis definitely had chewed off about half of the bandages on his wrapped up leg!!

Sunday was definitely a fun day, spent eating good food and with good friends and family! YAY!

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