Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Saturday!

Today was another busy day in the life of Ashley. Remember yesterday how I said I was hoping for a weekend of relaxation? Well that didn't necessarily happen. But there's always tomorrow right?

This morning I rode 16 miles on the Legacy Trail with Michael's Dad. Michael was supposed to come too but he woke up this morning (and most of last night) with allergy/cold problems and he was having a hard time breathing so we left him in bed to rest up. Greg and I had a great time, and this time we had Greg's camera so I don't have stolen pictures from the internet!

After our ride, perfect weather by the way, in the 70s, Michael and I decided to use a Groupon that we had to the tropical smoothie cafe. Well the cafe is about a mile from our house, so we grabbed our pups and ran with them that 1 mile to the cafe. Michael took Carson, who is used to running, and I took Willis who I basically ended up tugging along behind me for a part of the way. I wish this experience would have taught him that he shouldn't be sad when I take Carson running, but sadly I know that dogs really don't learn lessons like that! haha!
excited dogs are hard to take pictures of, this is the best of the bunch haha!

Michael and I didn't realize that our Groupon got us HUGE smoothies also with 2 sandwiches and 2 bags of chips. I only ate 1 half of my sandwich and saved my chips for later today! I got a guacamole and turkey sandwich, with lettuce and tomato on 9 grain bread
I was intimidated by the size of my smoothie! It's the size of my head!
Michael got a Thai Chicken wrap.

After thoroughly satisfied with our food we decided walking back would probably be the best bet for our full tummies!

Then we had an electrician come to our house...and guess what? Our spare bathroom finally has light after about 6 months of no light and us using a desk lamp in there! And you know what else? We got the fan and light rewired in our guest room so now we have a fully lit room in the guest room that we can turn on and off with a switch. Aw man, the simple pleasures in life! I never would have thought I would be so excited about an electrician coming or being able to turn lights on with a switch!

This afternoon we headed to Louisville to a Couples Wedding Shower for a wedding that Michael is in. I've never been to a couples shower before so it was kinda weird to me when they were opening gifts and guys were around, but it was fun, and I was guaranteed to know someone there too which is always a plus!! OH, and they had these delicious cakes, and guess where they were from?! I couldn't believe it because they were so pretty and SO good, but they were from Sams Club!

There was a coconut cake with white cake (which I ate and was sooo good)

And a Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! yum!

Now this girl is tired. Maybe i'll get to sleep in tomorrow?! I sure do hope so!

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