Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Heres to another week of weird workouts and learning to incorporate them into my weird schedule. Aslo, it's hard to remember what you did for a workout when you're busy.... maybe I should start some kind of way to track this...

Thursday: 7 mile light bike ride with Michael through the super cute neighborhoods of Lexington in the evening then a 45 minute cardio sculpting class that I found online on UK's fitness website. The video was ok but I really wasn't that tired from it.

Friday: No workout...the day was spent getting my phone, running errands, and going to the Flo Critt home

Saturday: 17 mile bike ride on the legacy trail with Michael and Michael's Dad...uber fun times, awesome scenery, and of course sweatiness!

Sunday: 9pm hotel workout in Chicago. I was tired but I made myself do it. 5k on the treadmill in 25:14, which is slower but I haven't been running as much since the race.

Monday: Early morning hotel workout in Chicago before training. I am impressed that I did this considering I had workout less than 12 hours before! 30 minutes on the elliptical, didn't want to put my legs through more running and then some light stretching and about 5 minutes of arms...I was hungry...didn't get any dinner the night before

Tuesday: No workout.. day jammed packed with 8 hours of training, no sleep, and a flight back to Kentucky = no time, no energy, no strength for a workout!
Wednesday: Coerced myself after a long first day at work to at least take these guys for a walk...
We ended going about 2.2 miles...which I am fine with...gotta exercise for sure tomorrow though!
With this new job I am going to need to figure out a routine where I can work out enough while not totally tiring me out for the whole day or evening...any of you working folk have any suggestions?!

That's it for my workout Wednesday!! Hope your workouts have been treating you well!

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