Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Snippets and Tangents on Tuesday

I ate at least 2 cups of mashed taters  with my dinner.
 These aren't my taters...but I may have eaten this much in one sitting. I felt awful after! (side effects of eating dinner on  my own)

Sometimes I take pictures of outfits that I like. Maybe it's so I can remember what looks good together cause I have such a hard time getting dressed in the mornings and end up changing 15 times, which utterly destroys our closet, bed, and bedroom...I liked my outfit today. That's not vain I promise.  (p.s. I wore a sweater over it)

I am going through gum like its my job at my job.  (my gum of choice)

Why do foods make you have bad tastes in your mouth making it necessary to chew gum? Why isn't it cool to bring a toothbrush with you to work and brush every so often for that minty fresh feeling?  Why is it when I'm feeling tired or bored I need a stick of gum to wake me up? I'm going through like 2-3 pieces of gum a day. Is this unhealthy?!

Why is hanging out with this girl so awesome?

She is so gorgeous and so much fun. We had an utter blast at the park this evening fooling around, giggling, and chatting.  Watching her spin until feeling sick on the swings like I used to have it folks!
 The weather was gorgeous. It was perfect. Why is it that I haven't seen her in like 2 weeks?! DANG life, get out of my way, I need my Adrielle, 10 year old time. I like being a kid too!

Why haven't I seen THIS girl in almost 2 months? (we live maybe 3 miles IF that away from each other)
 (BTW this is our friendship picture on FB, I think it is hilarious, but you kinda had to be there, everytime I see it I smile! ) She used to be a part of my every day life. Tonight rocked though. We killed a 4.65 mile run in the dark chatting, laughing, and loving every minute of it. Running that far with a bestie makes the run seem short and even simple. I haven't run over 3 miles in a VERY long time. We had no idea how far we went, I just now mapped it, I thought it'd be around 3, well I was wrong!  I love this girl and I miss her. SO good I got to see her.

UBER ANNOYINGNESS about new phone.... inability to sync facebook pictures to contacts AND numbers not saving correctly. Seriously technology, I thought you were supposed to be easier! BLARGH!

These are the kind of pictures I send to Michael when I'm driving in the car and he's on call ALLL day and ALLL night. Sometimes I like talking to humans when I'm at home, and even better is talking to my husband. Don't get me wrong, my furry friends are lovely, but I like Meeeechael too! Please notice droopy ceiling...the swanky stylings of a car from 1998 folks!

Well that's about all of my randomness for the day!! Hope ya'll are having a great evening!

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  1. I chew gum like crazy too! Learned a long time ago, in high school, when it was a commodity to chew half a piece! Really not a problem, grandpa has done it for years too!