Thursday, August 18, 2011

random tidbits!

So I feel like I'm finally back to my normal days of blogging. When I don't have a particular topic or theme in mind and I'm sometimes at a loss for what to talk about. So then I just end up rambling.

First and for most, I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. I am going to the Flo Critt home Friday to hangout with the teenage girls and I need something fun to do with them. An activity, game, cooking, baking, craft, ANYTHING. Please please please, if you know of anything fun let me know, I will give you ten thousand hugs!!

Anyway, back to my day. Michael and I had planned to get up and go on a bike ride until 7am when we heard thunder outside and immediately fell back asleep until 9:30. I was exhausted for some reason that I am very unsure of! Anyway... Michael and I finally got ourselves together after he did a little bit of studying and we hit the road to run some errands.

Michael cleaned out one of our closets yesterday with all of his med school stuff in it and listed about 20 books on to sell.  OH and a tree's worth of paper!....

Well he had sold 5 by this morning! So we hit up the post office, what fun. Except I learned something in this experience. There is a post office much closer than the one I've been going to and I had no idea! Did you know there was one on Duke Road behind the Romany Road Kroger?!?!? I had no idea! So I was riding my bike or driving downtown when I could have only been going maybe a mile and a half! Silly me...or rather...silly hidden post offices!

Next we headed to Insight (the cable company) ... why you ask?! Cause Michael and I decided that we no longer needed cable. In order to save a massive amount of money we have downgraded to the student internet decreasing our bill by about $60 a month! Neither of us have ever been without cable before but you know what? Michael rarely watches cable unless it's ESPN and when I watch tv most of the time it is meaningless junk that I am wasting my time on. So really, it's a waste of time... PLUS... if Michael and I decide we want to watch something on TV together we have Netflix, which we are downgrading to the instant only to save money as well, and they have a pretty wide selection out there of TV shows and movies to instantly watch. Since I'm starting my job on Monday and Michael will be back at the hospital at the end of the month, why be spending money on something we won't be getting to enjoy and instead spend that time together doing something fun like playing a board game, a bike ride, etc.

After Insight we went to the AT&T store. I think I am going to break down and finally buy a smartphone. I was trying to hold out for the iPhone 5, but really, I don't think it'll be THAT different than the things out now and I think I may need internet capabilities for my job. Can you believe that I've never had a phone that could access the internet? I will be one of the last in my family to do so...everyone in my immediate family and Michael's immediate family (parents included) have I may be the odd one out without an Iphone but I will have a smartphone. Now I won't be constantly asking Michael for his phone so I can surf the web. Or randomly calling my brother to get help with directions or looking up store hours. *Sorry Dustin, you're so helpful!*

When we got home I brought a chair and a book outside and sat while Michael changed the oil in his car. I thought it would be relaxing but the stupid little mosquitoes ALWAYS attack me out there and it's soooo annoying. Why do you exist?! Just to annoy people and suck their blood?! That's not even cool or fun Mr. Mosquito!

Then guess what I did?! Cooked dinner for the SECOND night in a row!! Since I was back at school this past month and we've been traveling, etc. I feel that I have barely cooked and if I did it wouldn't be consecutive days.  Well last night I made enchiladas, corn on the cob (so good!), and butterscotch pudding and tonight I made fish (breaded, the only way I'll eat it), some pasta, and asparagus! YUM! We chowed down while watching an episode of Mad Men on Netflix. *still loving that show*

After dinner Michael and I went on a fun little almost 7 miler bike ride around the local neighborhood, good times were had and I love spending time outdoors, especially with the hubs! And we blinged out my bike today, with a removal front basket for grocery runs, a lock holder, and a water bottle holder!

Now I'm chilling...and you see... I actually had  a ton to write about tonight! Look at me!


  1. 2 suggestions, 2 very different things... #1- make detergent? it was fun, easy, and baby friendly since it doesn't have harsh chemicals. more fun is #2- water marble nails. super fun, super cute, lots of options :)

  2. Play catch phrase! I've literally never played a game of catch phrase that wasn't a total blast!

    You should post some of your recipes sometime! I'm always looking for new ideas, I feel like I'm always making the same boring stuff!

  3. Life without cable is easy! The only time I've had cable during our married life (or in college post-dorms for that matter...) was when we were staying with my parents. Netflix still provides more than enough mindless entertainment lol