Monday, August 15, 2011

SF Day 3

Oh look, we've made it to day 3 of the recap on SF! This was a Wednesday and we woke up in Petaluma in Sonoma County that morning and stuffed our faces with a delicacy known around the world as PopTarts. yes, lame I know, Poptarts are full of empty calories and fats and carbs and sugar BUT I felt like this was the best route to saving a little money in the breakfast department. Also, I really do like the strawberry Milkshake flavor!

This morning was our trip to Muir Woods and a special visit with a friend. So we packed up our stuff again and headed to the car, loaded the GPS with Muir Woods then got on the road....until... we remembered something we wanted to do and had to turn around.

Ever heard of Highway 1?! AKA the Pacific Coast Highway?! AKA Curvy crazy road near cliffs?! Well we backtracked a little to do our drive down to Muir Woods because everyone told us it was a must do! The views were gorgeous, but foggy again, and I would peer out of the car grasping my seatbelt for dear  life because the curvy windy steepness kinda frightened me a bit! And since we were driving south we were in the outer lane. But all scariness aside the ride was gorgeous and the scenery just continued to change the entire ride. Luckily the car was equipped with XM radio so we jammed the whole way down on our early morning drive.

The weather was slightly FREEZING when we got out to take pictures and I may have been a little cranky about that, but honestly I'm glad I got out of the car to see these spectacular views!!

(my husband is so handsome!)

Highway 1 came to a point where we darted off inland towards Muir Woods, the Redwood Forest! The trees were GINORMOUS! I was in awe the entire time we were there!

Last month a giant redwood fell when no one was around and the park is still trying to figure out what happened and the age of the tree. Poor little gentle giant tree, I felt bad for it laying there on the floor where it didn't belong!

After our hike it was time to head to Redwood City, California to meet up with our friend Sam! Sam is a friend of mine originally that I met through CSF on campus. He is such a fun, energetic, happy, loving guy and I was SO glad when we were able to figure out a way to meet up. Sam works at a camp about 1-1 1/2 hours from San Fran. He took us to a DELISH mexican restaurant. I got the Super Nachos, with refried beans, guacamole, carne asada, cheese, etc. SO good! Michael thought his portions would be a bit smaller and ordered a fish taco (his first one ever) and a burrito. Turns out that's a lot of food. Michael felt VERY full afterwards.

Of course we had to snap some pictures with Sam!

So glad we got to see him!! I miss him so!

After Michael and I dropped Sam off at his car we decided we wanted to determine the location of the Full House home from the beginning of the show which is rumored to be on GERARD street in San Fran, keep this in mind when visiting San Fran and that it is not on GIRARD street because we definitely some how ended up an hour out of the city in a hispanic neighborhood, OOPS! At least we got to enjoy each other's company and we learned where Standford University and Palo Alto was! It was a good laugh!

We ended up just going back into the city and dropping our luggage off here again:

We changed and rested for a minute.

Michael got this of me passing out in the high window seat, it was so comfy after a day of car riding and being a tourist!

Then we got ready for a WONDERFUL dinner! A month or so before our trip I signed up for Groupon in SF and got us one to a restaurant called Luna Park in the Mission District of SF. It was good for $25 for $50 worth of food! I looked up reviews and it looked good to me! We headed in and we LOVED the restaurant, although it was kinda dark, it felt pretty urban, very citylike!

Michael and I both ordered a cocktail of course. Me a Sangria and Michael an Old Fashion. Then it was dinner time! It was a success! Michael ordered the Portuguese Stew, which was a combo a sausage, shrimp, clams, chickpeas, and other stuff (I didn't try it cause seafood is not really my thing but he loved it) and I ordered some yummy Fontina Ravoli with asparagus, peas, and spinach! So good again! (sorry for the poor pic quality, I didn't want to have the flash go off in the restaurant!)

Then came my favorite part of the meal! DESSERT of course! I had read on their reviews that their Smores were to die for so that's what we did. And the reviews were right! Their graham crackers were super crunchy and probably homemade and the chocolate sauce was a dark chocolate and the marshmallows were that perfect shade of toasty brown. Michael and I both devoured it!

(Husband enjoyed Smores in super awesome shirt from the Gap outlet, I really like this one!)

After a very filling dinner it was back to the hotel to get some rest! Yay another full day in SF!

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  1. I definitely agree that that is a super awesome shirt.