Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello 21st Century!

Guess who has finally entered the 21st century with the rest of the world?! After holding off on using my upgrade for my phone for about a year now it was time. Yes. Time. To get a smart phone!

I got this super sleek, thin, LARGE screened, bright beauty! (Samsung Infuse, it's an Andriod phone)

One of the best features?! An 8 mega pixel camera on BOTH sides. Now I can take pictures for the blog on my phone and they won't be super grainy or dark! Whoop whoop!

This process of getting my new phone took A LONG time. Like an hour and a half. That's because we encountered EVERY obstacle possible and I am STILL on my Dad's family plan for now because I might have to lose my number (that I've had since 6th grade when I got my first phone and I have had it through Cincinnati Bell, Nextel, Sprint, AND AT&T).

After an errand to Walmart I persuaded Michael to take us to the Great Harvest Bread company. Sad thing about that though is the one on our side of town does not make sandwiches! :( HOWEVER they do give you free samples of bread and the one we had was exceptional! It was the cranberry flax oat bran bread. I may have to go back there and get me some! So good with just butter on it!

OH and tonight Flo Critt was a success! My friend Grace joined me and we did the water marble nails that Kellie suggested. THey didn't turn out super great for me but the 2 girls that were at the home that were there tonight LOVED it AND they look great on their nails, I was totally jealous! Great suggestion Kellie!!
(an example of what they could look like)

Now I'm off to lay around the house a bit before bed because I have a slight nail polish headache. Tomorrow morning shall be an exciting day starting pretty early..more about that tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. oooo cute! glad they had fun doing it :)

  2. I really, really want to try the marble nail polish trick, but I can't bring myself to pour out my nail polish like that... Any idea why you don't think it turned out?