Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Green Way

Guess who was a semi-green girl today!? Yep, me!!

I decided that since I needed to make a trip to the downtown library AND to the gym that maybe I could try out my new ride, the road bike I mentioned yesterday!!
I am still in with her! She was great for me today!! I rode my bike down to the public library where I returned "Bossypants" by Tina Fey which was a pretty funny book and picked up 4 other reads. Since I won't be starting work for 2 weeks I want to bang out some relaxing reading!! The whole time I was in the library I was nervous someone was going to steal my bike. I mean, the downtown library is kinda shady and I've had a bike stolen before when I was living close to downtown. So I tried to pick out my books as quickly as I could.

Lets be honest, my 4 books in my backpack definitely increased my load while riding to the gym PLUS the temp was rising!! But the Schwinn powered through (p.s. bike was not stolen while at library!). I arrived at the gym with a slight glisten of sweat on my brow and headed in for a 5k run. I enjoyed my time at the gym, did some weights, push ups, etc. and then headed home. This time SUPER sweaty!

I think I move a lot faster on this new bike, it makes me happy! Altogether I rode about 7.4 miles on my bike today, which I would have done in my car if I didn't have the Schwinn! Yay for bikes. And yay for exercising while getting things accomplished!

After having some lunch with the hubs, showering, and napping a little I made a trip to the mall. I hate shopping. Especially by myself. I don't trust myself that I look ok in something. And then I normally end up returning half of what I bought. But I was on a mission to find a suit for work and maybe a couple dress shirts.

I started at Target. I needed a laptop case. I bought a cute, fake leather bag with a laptop sleeve that comes out of it but matches. Hopefully it'll hold up! I also found a cute little purse for $10, all of the purses I own are massive and I've been looking for something significantly smaller and finally found it!! I also found 2 pairs of spandex shorts. I have a pair from Old Navy that I love, so I'm glad I found them for a whopping $4.24 a piece! I also found a cute little sweater that I can wear for work.

Then I headed to the dreaded mall. ICK. I had a massive coupon to the Limited and purchased a suit jacket, pants, skirt, and top and saved about $120! WOOO!! And I got 2 long sleeve button downs from Express because they honestly fit my small upper frame the best!

Then I had to head to Meijer to get random things like a shower curtain liner, shaving gel for Michael, smoothie ingredients for me, and Old Fashion Mix for Michael (he's been watching Mad Men on Netflix Instant and it has got him craving this stuff!). And now I'm exhausted from shopping. Not my fav thing to do, but at least I got my fun part of the day in early!!

Michael's downstairs making some dinner, I suppose I'll join him!

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