Monday, August 1, 2011

A Saturday Cartastrophy!

So Saturday, yes, it was quite a day. When planning the day out earlier in the week I knew it was going to be a busy day, but it turned into an even busier day with unplanned events, which were not welcomed with open arms.

After getting to bed at 3:15, I woke up at 8:20, ate some bfast and headed to KY fit club to join the newbies Holly and Daniel Cooper and others for some intense workouts! I will discuss that more in my weekly workout update, but lets just say I was sore the next day!

After class I hurriedly went to fill up my car with gas, shake my hair out into a semi normal looking state, ran by the Hamilton's apartment to grab some of their freezer items (since they are moving to Columbus they decided to share their freezer goods and I cannot pass up free food!) and then run home to grab a dress and then zoomed up to Northern Kentucky.

Here I met miss Olivia at her mom's bridal shop to try on a bridesmaid dress for her wedding next June. It was super cute and I'm so excited about it. After trying on the dress I took full advantage of their dressing rooms and changed from my workout clothes into a black dress and heels and plugged in my straightener real fast to slick out the mess I had on my head.

You see, I was heading to a funeral at the church a grew up at (Union Prez). It was such sad circumstances and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Paige and Taylor and their family as they continue to mourn the loss of their great flight attendant mother. I definitely understand the feeling of losing a mother... anyway back to the cartastrophy!

As I was driving from the bridal shop on mall road to the church with not much time to spare, I felt rushed and the crazy construction on mall road was not helping. All of a sudden as I was driving up the hill on mall road towards 42 my car's engine basically shut off and rolled to a stop. SERIOUSLY?! I instantly start bawling and sweating like it's my job. It is HOT out. I am in the middle of the road cause the construction does not allow for any type of shoulder. I try to start my car multiple times. I'm sitting in an all black dress and heels, sweltering. I immediately call my dad. Bawling of course. And he rushes up to save me, like a good dad does!

Luckily 2 different men stopped to try to help the poor girl on the side of the road. They opened up my engine and started looking. My oil seemed to be bone dry. So when my dad arrived we left the emergency blinkers on in my car and rushed up to Pep Boys to try and get some oil. Sadly, that was not the problem, my car was only about a quart short of oil my dad said so something else was the problem. We thanked the guys for their help and resorted to calling a towing company.
Poor Snow White on the tow truck!
By this time we were definitely going to miss the funeral. My Dad and I stood on the side of the road in our funeral clothing waiting for the tow truck. The dude was super fast and got my car up there in no time. I felt a lot better getting my car out of the middle of the road.

This was the first time I have EVER had problems with my 1998 Honda Civic named Snow White and I am so sad about it. The tow truck driver met us at the house, I paid and we left him to do his business while we rushed off to try to make the end of the memorial service.

We arrived in time to give our condolensces to the family and then we headed back home to try to figure out the car situation. See, my dad is an aircraft mechanic so he's pretty good at car stuff too. But we really didn't have time to work on my car seeing as that I had to be back for a wedding at 5 in Lexington and it was already 2:30 at this point.

Luckily my dad had just finished fixing Whitney's 1999 Honda Civic the day before so I rode off to Lexington with basically the same car as mine. this time I was already exhausted.

Michael reassured me that Snow White had hard times in the movie but recovered to normal after she ate the apple so my Snow White (the car) will be fine!
Snow White Cartoon Cute
My drive back to Lexington was VERY rainy. I hydroplaned once and thought I was going to die or atleast ruin another Honda that day. But finally I made it to Lex as Michael was headed out the door for the wedding. I was going to skip the ceremony and meet him at the reception cause at this point I had a headache, was covered in sweat, and was exhausted!

Now to Michael's story. See, without me he's a lost man! :) But really, he headed to the Ceremony in Versailles, KY. But here's the problem, he didn't bother to write down the address and went in the first church he saw downtown. Once inside he realized he didn't recognize many people but maybe it was just the bride's family that he didn't know. The wedding was about to start as he looked down at the program and there were 2 names staring back at him that he DEFINITELY did not recognize! He pretended to get a phone call and rushed out of the church. Here comes my part. He frantically calls me 18 times but to no avail cause i'm passed out on the couch with my phone on vibrate in the other room. Sorry Grenko's that we missed the ceremony!!

But the reception was a blast! It was at the same place we had our wedding reception and good times were had! It was fun to experience a wedding there and get to eat the food, sit down, dance, and do whatever we felt like without feeling obligated to talk to people and smile all the time! By the time the night was over I was exhausted to the core. And I hit the hay instantly! So to sum up the day I would choose to say it was very taxing.
Look familiar? See the great picture below!!

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  1. Goodness! I'm sorry your Saturday was so stressful!