Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tired..but trying my best to post through it!

Yes... I know, I've been bad about my posting, Yes I have been doing it, but yes it has also been lacking so I'll give you some pictures to look at from Friday evening and then I'll get to my Saturday and Sunday tomorrow when I have more energy!!

Friday was great. If I haven't mentioned this before the girls in my married couples bstud decided we should have a bachelorette party for each other since we didn't know each other when everyone got married and most of us had bad or no bachelorette party experiences and we had to fix it!

We all met up at my house Friday evening and headed downtown to a mexican restaurant called the Blue Agave Cantina. We had a Groupon too, after we had already planned the location for dinner Groupon decided to be awesome and have a Groupon the next day. Let's just say we are lucky gals!

Anywhoooo...we ate some dinner and had margaritas (of course) and then wondered out on the town for some dessert.
Danielle and I both had chicken enchiladas!

The margaritas went strawberry, lime, strawberry, lime in that order around the table...super random!

Our waitress was in the pic with us too, she was adorable, the little blonde in the pink shirt!

We ended up at Deshas, where they would not push 2 tables together for us even though we were going to share 2 desserts between the 6 of us. Well passing back and forth had to do. Their brownie with ice cream and fudge was YUM, but how can you mess up a brownie?! The cookie and ice cream was ok, but not great, kinda dry.

After dessert and feeling like I was going to explode we wondered around for a while. We wanted to go to the Penguin Dueling Piano Bar but there was really no one there, just maybe 15 people so we opted out and picked a bar to hangout at with no cover until we headed to where the party really was!!
Look at the bar napkins we found at McCarthys!! haha super random (our group is based at this church AND it's where Michael and I got married!)
Around 11:30 we made the walk down to the Bar Complex and headed up to their dance floor to dance our tails and meals off!! What a great time! We watched a drag show and then went up and danced some more. We were sweaty mamas but had SO much fun. I wasn't in my bed until 3:15 and I got up at 8:20 the next morning!! It was a fun, laid back night of chilling with some girls that I adore!
*Yes we lost one along the way, Danielle stayed for dinner and dessert and had to leave, sadly!*

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