Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shweaty Thursday

Goodness has been H-O-T these past couple of days, I mean hanging out in the 100s is not a fun place to be.

I've mentioned on facebook that once I get into the gym from walking from my car the craziness that ensues as I wrestle with my sweaty clothes in the locker room is slightly embarrassing. I mean, I am 23 years old I should be able to dress myself by now right?! Not when your jeans have decided to become a part of your body and do not want to remove themselves from your body! Or your sports bra becomes rolled on the back of your neck and won't unstick itself from your body. Yep, so I have definitely been grunting in the locker room these past couple of days just trying to prepare myself for a workout, which ends up being a workout itself.

I can't complain though, I'm glad to have the time to get there, because that time may quickly disappear when I get a real person job!

In other news... Guess who got her hurr (hair) cut yesterday evening?! That's! I spur of the moment-ed up a hair appointment yesterday I was tired of dealing with my hair so it had to go. And did it go! I know have a tiny baby ponytail and yes, sadly, I must use bobby pins. But speaking of the heat, I was glad I didn't have that extra like 4 inches of hair on me today, that would only make me even more of the weird sweaty girl in class!

 Michael wanted a 360 shot of the haircut...oh p.s. I felt bad for  my hairdresser, I came straight from turbokick to Ulta and I was a sweaty mess, like I left sweat marks in the chair. Yes I'm gross and I'm sorry!

 The face I made after Michael said the previous picture made me look preggo.... :(
You know what else I forgot to talk about this week?! The Amachi Legends game I went to with Adrielle and Michael and Adrielle's family!! Adrielle's brother J threw out the first pitch and it was a good looking one too, he's a great baseball player so I wasn't surprised! We had a great time together dancing to the music and watching the game but man was it hot and humid, which seems to be the theme of the week. I ended up leaving in the 4 or 5th inning cause I had worked out before and was tired of being sweaty and sleepy! Here are the few pics we got with Michael's phone since we didn't have the camera!

Also, y'all don't forget, you can still support me in my fundraising for Amachi and running in the Midsummer's night run on August 6th!! I have had a few checks of support come in but it would be a huge blessing to shower this organization with some love and financial support!! 
um hello hazy-ness!! It was a scorcher!

Michael spotted Randolph Morris sitting in the front row, a former UK player who has hit it big in China playing basketball, I felt weird asking to get a pic with him so I asked if Adrielle's sister could, we were all excited. I asked for his autograph but silly man didn't have any writing implements on him, ridiculous!!

A hazy night at the Lexington Legends game!
Oh and guess who took their last Master's level exam today?! this girl. I failed, for sure. Had no desire or drive to study what-so-ever. Whatevs...I'll probably cry when I get the grade but for now I don't really seem to care!

Well that's about it for me... gotta pick up around the house and pack for me flight to Rochester, NY tomorrow which leaves at 6:15am, it'll be an early morning for us tomorrow!! Good night friends!


  1. I really like your hair that color!

    Man that is an early flight! Have a safe trip!

  2. my hair is actually the same color!! haha!! It's just clean and shiny for once!! Thanks though I like it too!

  3. Definitely like the hair cut!! I kind of miss having short hair... But when I get to donate it for the first time, it will totally be worth it.

    PS you definitely do not look preggers. I think it is impossible for you to look pregnant right now.