Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday is Funday!

Oh yes readers, it is true, Sunday is Funday!!

Michael and I started our Sunday off right with the 11:30 service at Southland, always great. And then drove our little behinds over to the JC to workout. Now since I was in death soreness mode I decided to take it slightly easier and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. AND then I convinced Michael we needed to do a "full body workout" and we both did some arms and some abs! Good times!! We were thoroughly tired and didn't leave the gym until like 2:30ish, man where was our day going?!

We hit up the grocery after and picked up a lot of yummy fruits and veggies and I wanted to try a new kind of smoothie for my lunch. In a lot of the blogs I read girls make "Green Monster Smoothies" basically a smoothie with spinach in it...sounds gross right?!
Well Spinach basically has no flavor at all and ENORMOUS health benefits so I was down to try it and these bloggers were right, no taste at all and it looked like a christmas smoothie (red and green). I even got Michael to have one!!

Here's the smoothie:
It included a ton of yummy strawberries, a frozen banana, a few ice cubes, a splash of OJ, and some vanilla low fat yogurt and then a handful of spinach for good measure

Then a little this and a little that AND then!! FUN TIME!!

BIBLE STUDY!! This week in bible study we headed over to the Larson's for a COOKOUT!! I love anything that represents summer so this was PERFECT!

Everyone hung out, chatted, ate some delicious food including hamburgers, pasta salad, fruit, WATERMELON, chips, baked beans, and other things.

 Michael and I brought the huge watermelon AND a special dessert for the entomologist who's home we were in, DIRT PUDDING! (Definitely Michael's idea) but everyone loved it too. And lucky we have some leftover for dessert tonight! Here are some pictures from the evening:
dirt pudding!! YUM!


LOVE this picture, we made SMORES of course!

the proof of my perfect smore

Nom Nom nom!

Chowing down while playing cornhole!
Sunday was exhausting but tons of FUN...I don't want summer to ever end....or my "grown up" life to begin!

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