Friday, July 22, 2011

Webb Weekend --- Holla!

Hmmm.... Webb Weekend.... What is this?!

Well if you really wanna know then I'll tell ya! Webb weekend is normally the semi-annual meeting of my dad's side of the family. Either in PA or NY. And it is A. Lot. Of. Fun! See my family is awesome and we know how to have a good time together. And eat lots together. And laugh together. And play tennis together. And many more things together. Cause you see we all get along REALLY well, and honestly my family is the coolest. Things like this happen when we are together:

So this morning Me and this guy:
will be heading to Rochester, NY for Webb Weekend to be seeing these AH-MAZING folks:
 And a special treat added to this weekend is this beautiful girl's high school graduation party (Nora!!!!):
So there will be lots of partying, EATING, swimming, playing tennis, and general shenanagins this weekend and I am pumped about it! Cross your fingers that all of the flights and travelling works out for the family cause it won't be the same without everyone there. (minus Ian and Alycia, they have a new baby!)

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  1. Do you just love that Michael was able to go with you?? I just spent the weekend with my dad's side of the family with Eric, and it's just so much more fun when he's there :)